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Dirty Mother #2

1 oz tequila

1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur

2 – 4 oz skimmed milk

Pour all ingredients into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes, stir and serve.

Adult Drink

The Best Drinks To Help You Keep Hydrated

Water is an important element of the human body and the nature as well. Majority of things we eat contain a large amount of water. Water is not just a component of our bodies but it actually plays a vital role in maintaining us in good health and vigor. 308 more words


Peanut butter, banana & caramel smoothie recipe

The other day, I woke up really late (what a surprise… I spend a large proportion of my life sleeping!) – I had missed breakfast but didn’t really feel like a “proper” lunch so I decided on a smoothie.  184 more words

Eat With ME

Ridiculously easy homemade non-fat Greek yogurt!!!

Is there anything easier than making home-made yogurt? I doubt it. I love making things from scratch: tomato sauce for my lasagna, almond milk, coconut milk and now yogurt. 854 more words

Food Mania

Animal Fats are Safe...A Research Revealed Full Fat Milk is Better than Skimmed Milk Keeping Toddlers Thin and Strong

Are You Feeding Your Children the Right Kind of Milk?

What’s right may surprise you

Researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine sifted data from the birth cohort of the well known Early Childhood Longitudinal Study to evaluate the relationships between type of milk consumed and weight status among preschool children. 168 more words

Coconut milk is not good if you are on a diet!

First of all, here is a list of some of what Coconut milk is a common ingredient for:


Rice and Peas/Coconut rice

Run down… 156 more words

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Coffee and Full Fat Milk Rant

I really like to have a coffee in the afternoon. Here’s one made at home the other day:

It’s made with instant coffee, some low fat milk that I heated in the microwave then whisked to make it foamy. 694 more words