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Simple Steps to Prevent and Detect Melanoma/Skin Cancer

Summer is right around the corner and where there is more sun, there is often more skin exposure. May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and we are going to look at some ways you can prevent and detect skin cancer. 433 more words


How Sunscreen May Be Destroying Coral Reefs

A new study published in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, found that Oxybenzone, a common ingredient found in 3,500 brands of sunscreen worldwide is toxic to coral reef, which has led to the decline of reefs around the world. 265 more words

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It's Not Just About Sun

Diet and Skin Cancer

From the website cancer.org:

Cancer of the skin is by far the most common of all cancers. Melanoma accounts for less than 2% of skin cancer cases but causes a large majority of skin cancer deaths. 155 more words

Thank God for Poison Ivy

Normally, I wouldn’t be thankful for the annoyingly itchy and irritating rash that is caused by poison ivy but I’m pretty sure it just saved me from skin cancer. 1,328 more words

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Join Us in Helping Americans Stay Sun Safe This Summer

Today’s blog post is from our partners at Lands End. See how they are joining the fight against melanoma – and how you can get involved. 360 more words

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Vitamin B3 and Skin Cancer

There is an exciting new development in the world of skin cancer research. Although more work needs to be done, it initially appears that Nicotinamide, a laboratory developed form of vitamin B3 may significantly prevent nonmelanoma forms of skin cancers. 335 more words

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4 ways to prevent skin cancer

Contrary to the popular perception, skin cancer can actually be prevented provided you take certain precautions. A lot of research reports have been published highlighting some of the… 342 more words

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