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Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Skin Cancer is a serious matter! Nevertheless, most skin cancers are preventable. It is important to protect yourself first. It is said that early detection of cancerous diseases can help patient to cure it completely. 347 more words

Skin Cancer

The 3rd Annual BooToDo Benefiting The Shade Project

The Shade Project  is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer through education, outreach and building shade structures where children play. Their big fundraiser, Boo To Do  is coming up and this is a chance for you to have a spooky and spectacular time while benefiting their cause. 32 more words


Take best care of your skin from cancerous diseases

Skin Cancer Preventions

There is a continuous increase in patients diagnosed with Skin Cancer. Abnormal growth or development of skin cell or tissues is referred as cancerous, in simplest words. 349 more words

Skin Cancer

The sound of summer

If you are at the beach or a pool in NSW this summer you are likely to hear the Sun Sound being played over loud speakers reminding you to put on sunscreen. 329 more words

Sun Damage

I am writing this post as I wait for a powerpoint to download on my computer about Cnidarians and Platyhelminthes. I have a quiz on them tomorrow and should study, especially since I did not do so well on my quiz last week. 231 more words


Check yo'skin using your smart phone

Did you know there are smart phone apps to help detect skin cancer?

Yep, there are apps for that.

The smart phone apps work when you take images of moles and store them in your phone. 269 more words

See how sunscreen protects people from ultraviolet

You will want to wear sunscreen once you see this.

This fantastic video from Thomas Leveritt shows how sunscreen protects people from UV.

“Put on some damn sunscreen already”.