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Make sure the sunscreen actually works

There’s a story going around that Honest sunscreen, from Jessica Alba’s company, has not been living up to what it’s supposed to be doing. Parents are complaining that their children are still getting sunburned even though they supposedly reapplied every hour. 232 more words

Skin Cancer

Can Scabies Lead to Skin Cancer?

Scabies is a skin condition caused by the scabies mite and it affects millions of people annually. It spreads through close physical contact that can be a hand shake or through sex. 635 more words


NICE recommends dermoscopy for melanoma skin cancer

The British National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has just (29th July 29015)  published new guidelines on melanoma skin cancer which include a recommendation that all suspicious pigmented skin lesions should be evaluated by dermoscopy. 72 more words


New clinic on the piece

It used to be that we’d get our skin checked by a GP, or an expert, for case in point, a dermatologist if there was noteworthy reason for anxiety. 309 more words

Skin Cancer

It Only Took My First Trip To The Dermatologist To Scare Me Straight

I had never been to a dermatologist before.

But, with being a “here and there” tanner for the past six years, and having a few friends with skin cancer scares, I figured it was time to make the appointment. 672 more words


Here's why this Canadian startup wants a piece of the crowded sunscreen market

We all know we should wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from burns and help prevent skin cancer. Trouble is, putting on that protective layer of lotion, and keeping it up isn’t an exact science. 593 more words