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By Kelly Calagna, Managing Editor

Our hemisphere is rolling into the summer season; on go the sort sleeves, out comes the sunscreen. But as responsible as we may think we are being using those SPF sprays and creams, we may actually be dodging one crisis only to face another. 195 more words

Stupid People Tricks

We all do stupid things from time to time (like pulling your Scentsy holder out of the electrical socket while the wax is still hot and molten so it scorches your hand and makes a big mess on your laminate floor), but, some people really like to show the world that their elevator doesn’t reach all the way to the top. 223 more words


5 Essential Tricks for Treating a Sunburn

Of course you understand the importance of sunscreen, but sometimes, no matter how diligent you were with reapplying, you still end up getting too much sun. 395 more words

'Tan tattoos' or 'sunburn art' gaining popularity among youth

TORONTO — A “dangerous behaviour” is picking up traction on social media, prompting the Skin Cancer Foundation to issue a warning about it this week. 486 more words


All About Vitamin D

In this episode of Nourish Noshes, we explain all about Vitamin D: it’s role in our bodies, it’s importance to be at optimal levels, and what those optimal levels are, as well as how to get enough to be healthy. 7 more words

Healthy Eating

Dangerous new summer trend could increase chances of cancer by 50 percent

INDIANAPOLIS — Summer is here — and so is a dangerous new trend called “sunburn art.”

Sunburn art is a new trend where people are using sunscreen to draw designs on their bodies before going into the sun. 219 more words


Dermatologists Warn About the Dangers of Sunburn Art

Searching for a creative outlet? Some people are turning to sunburn art, the hottest bad idea for your health.

A few photos—but perhaps not enough to qualify as a trend—tagged… 456 more words