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What Does Quantum Physics Actually Tell Us About the World

Actually | Adam Becker’s “What Is Real?” explores the controversy around quantum physics and its ability to describe anything definite about the world of atoms. … 29 more words


Firming Coffee-Infused Body Scrubs to Give Your Skin a Major Glow-Up

Many of us rely on our daily caffeine fix to jump-start or day (or perks us up after a post-lunch slump come late afternoon), but your daily dose of java not only offers a boost in energy, focus, and mental stamina, but it can also give your skin some pretty stellar benefits as well. 211 more words


Give Yourself Some Love!

So today I have decided to share all my best skin care tips that keep my face super smooth! Now I know y’all have all already heard this, but it really does help to not tough your face! 196 more words

Gentle Micellar Waters That Work Wonders For Just About Any Skin Type

Micellar water may just seem like another standard makeup removing solution—or at best, a gentle toner that removes excess dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin’s surface—but it turns out, it’s got a little more to offer than the conventional water-based formulas we’re used to. 258 more words


Hydrating Hand Masks to Revive Dry & Flaky Skin

Sure, at this point, the majority of us beauty connoisseurs (or even amateurs) are undoubtedly used to applying hydrating, detoxifying, blemish-nixing and complexion- brightening (and the lists goes on and on) masks to our… 238 more words


Day 18 - power cut games

No actual power outage required.

It’s been said that the average person spends the equivalent of 34 years of their life on screen time. That’s before you add working hours for the average adult. 311 more words