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Bloom Your Skin | Các bước chăm sóc da cơ bản - Skincare 101

Chủ đề này không hề mới, tuy nhiên mình thấy nhiều bạn vẫn nhầm lẫn những cái đáng ra không nên nhầm, nên cuối cùng vẫn quyết định viết bài này. 2,002 more words


Review: FutureDerm's Vitamin CE Eye Cream 10.0

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love FutureDerm products and Nicki’s blog (the founder of FutureDerm). The products use scientifically backed ingredients and Nicki explains their functions in very relatable terms. 872 more words


The Best Lip Balms on the Block!

Lip balms are such a beauty staple for most beauty bees – myself included! I think one of the worst feelings ever is knowing and feeling that your lips are super dry and not having a lip balm on hand. 1,836 more words


Battling Dark Circles; an Experiment.

It’s difficult to find under eye products that work – however – it’s best to stick with a routine in order to achieve results, as the delicate skin around our eyes does not handle stress, harsh environmental factors and a lack of sleep very well…Those with dark under eye circles usually have a genetic predisposition to them in part, which can be exacerbated by lifestyle factors and the environment. 791 more words

Skincare 101

How To Get The Best Skin In Your 20s

Your 20s are a great time to start taking good care of your skin, and doing so will prevent signs of premature aging. You want to be the 35 year old woman at Starbucks that gets mistaken for 26? 1,243 more words

Daily Routine

Skincare 101- Oily Skin

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with someone with oily skin.  This young lady was doing what so many people do by trying harsh products to eliminate oil.   364 more words


The Basics Series: Skincare 101

“Hey there, hi there, ho, there, you’re as welcome as can be!” That’s a Mickey Mouse Club reference, in case you didn’t know, but in any case, welcome back to my blog! 4,758 more words