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Skincare 101: Facial Oils

This step in a skincare routine is like toners or exfoliators — it’s a good step to use — but not completely necessary. I don’t personally use one every single night, but I do have a few on hand and have tried a few different brands over the last couple of years. 439 more words


Skincare 101: Eye Creams

This step is basically using moisturizer for your eyes. This one is soooo important too! If you find a good eye cream you can combat aging, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, etc. 392 more words


Skincare 101: Moisturizers

This is another one of the most important steps in a skincare routine that everyone should be doing. If you want to skip exfoliators & toners then that’s up to you, but please don’t skip using a moisturizer! 342 more words


Skincare 101: Epicuren Errythang

So the skincare saga continues and some astonishing products have made the cut for my skin regimen 2.0

Since re-vamping my skincare lineup, I discovered different products work at different times of day. 528 more words


Skincare 101: Toners

Today’s lesson is all about toners. This is a step that a lot of people feel like they can skip, but it’s one I find really important for myself personally. 457 more words

Skincare Routine

Review: Kiehl's Skin Rescuer

Every now and then, on my way home from work my skin will become super red and blotchy. I don’t have rosacea, so for a long time I had no idea why my skin would flare up so much. 1,372 more words


Skincare 101: Exfoliation

The second step in a skincare routine should be to exfoliate. But this step is not something you should do every single day as it would be too harsh for your skin. 680 more words