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Difference Between Western and Asian Skincare

To be fair, there isn’t really a big difference between skincare products made from those like Estee Lauder, Neutrogena compared to those of Asian brands such as Laneige or Sulwhasoo.   223 more words


Guest Post: Skincare Swap Experiment with Snow White and the Asian Pear

By guest blogger Cat of Snow White and the Asian Pear

You know what’s a terrible idea? Copying someone else’s skincare routine step-for-step, especially if they have a different skin type than you, live in a different climate, and have completely different skin goals. 4,069 more words

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There Are No Magic Ingredients, Part 1: The Limitations of Extracts in Skincare

Let’s talk ingredients! Only this time, instead of talking about all the wonderful things that our favorite ingredients can do, let’s talk about some of the times when those favored ingredients fail to do the thing. 1,690 more words

Best Practices

Beauty Review| Skincare 101: Blackhead Remover Kit Product Review

This Blackhead Remover Kit from Aotearoa Beauty is one of the most convenient and practical skincare products on the market. This kit comes with a travel kit and includes 5 (double-ended) tools that will help with all of your skincare needs. 251 more words


How to build your first skincare routine

For the majority of people I talk skincare with on a daily basis, the current goal is to use “less but better”. We are constantly advising each other on how best to streamline our routines so our skin benefits from some consistency. 816 more words


Beauty Breakdown: Alcohols in skincare

Skincare brands nowadays seem to have a penchant for advertising their products as being free from a particular controversial ingredient. Does the label “alcohol-free” look familiar to you? 735 more words


Beauty Benefits: Facial Toner

Whenever i ask my friends what skincare step they think is skippable, the answer almost all the the time is using a toner. Many people don’t realise how pivotal this step is in maintaining a healthy, balanced and clear skin. 540 more words