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50 Ways That Being an Entrepreneur or Blogger Will Change Your Life (5 min read)

1. You become passionate about working. Success in entrepreneurship depends on following your passions.

2. You wonder how you ever held a normal job. Each day, that typical office-based 9-to-5 lifestyle seems stranger and less appealing to you. 988 more words


Most popular skincare (mostly useless)

We’ve looked at the ingredient lists of some of the skincare products, that Marie Claire magazine has called life changing.  Let’s see, if there is any scientific evidence of the claim. 131 more words


7 Quick Ways to Take Control of Your Life Today (1 min read)

1. Stay optimistic and exude positive energy despite the surrounding negativity.

2. Work on being happy and become known for it.

3. Remember that there will be those who like you and those who won’t. 146 more words


2 Quick Ways to get More Engagement on your Blog (1 min read)

1. Offer your readers an immediate and interesting action. How?

  • Provide live help: When users head to a specific page on your site, ask if they are aware of a new cool feature.
  • 130 more words

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog (4 min read)

Ever sat down in front of a blank screen and thought, “What am I going to write about today…?” Well an editorial calendar is just what that’s for! 489 more words


My favorite face oil

It has been heavily emphasized to me that preventative skin care is of the utmost importance. If you only start once you begin to see features you don’t like (wrinkles, dark spots) that’s an uphill battle. 488 more words

Product Review

My Evening Skincare Routine

As I typed in that title I knew that this is something I really need to talk about. If I was someone who spends an awful lot of time carrying out a routine of anything this post would sound a whole lot different. 314 more words