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7 Quick Ways to Take Control of Your Life Today! (1 min read)

1. Stay optimistic and exude positive energy despite the surrounding negativity.

2. Work on being happy and become known for it.

3. Remember that there will be those who like you and those who won’t. 110 more words


My Go to Mask

One thing I do enjoy to do every week is to indulge by giving myself a home facial. I enjoy using these two masks and alternate throughout the week. 658 more words

6 Things True Leaders Do (2 min read)

Below are six strategies for making the transition from doer to true leader.

1.  Define what success looks like for your team and shar… 365 more words


Chăm sóc da khi lười

Gay gắt mà nói, đã ‘làm đẹp’ thì không có chuyện ‘lười’, mà thực ra là muốn làm gì đó ra hồn, tới nơi tới chốn, chúng ta cũng đều không nên chọn con đường ‘lười’. 1,130 more words


How To Become A Better Person Than Yesterday At Work & In Life (2 min read)

1. Do good.

Before you get out of bed tomorrow, set a positive goal for your day. What can you do to make someone else smile today? 263 more words