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You’d think neo-Nazi, KKK thugs would learn how to draw their symbol.

But outing these hate crimes as liberal, leftist hoaxes doesn’t fit the narrative. The Southern Poverty Law Center makes millions off of this stuff.

In eighth grade I learned how to properly draw a swastika. 117 more words


The Harley Flanagan Institute for kids that want to write good and do other stuff good. A short history of my dealings with Skinheads.

Apparently, if you are lucky enough to attain a certain age, things that existed in your youth come to appear absurd in the cold light of the present. 1,572 more words

Headlines -- 11/21/16

Over 160 people have been injured by police in Dakota Access Pipeline protests, Twitter permanently bans several alt-right accounts, how to protect yourself from a Trump surveillance state, and more. 122 more words



A skinhead is a member of a subculture originating among working class youths in London, England in the 1960s that soon spread to other parts of the united kingdom, with a second working class skinhead movement speeding to the United States and worldwide in the 1980s.
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Election night

Tonight I am trying to avoid watching the election results. My anxiety is high. I know that tomorrow this country will be different. It will never be the same again, no matter who is elected. 196 more words


Suddenly They Find Voter Fraud

With public opinion of the mainstream media at an all-time low, Donald Trump incessantly highlighting voter fraud, and public cynicism of the election process at an all-time high, journalists are starting to suddenly uncover voter fraud to their shock and dismay. 1,468 more words