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www.justament.de, 8.2.2016: Es lebe der Ska!

Scheiben vor Gericht spezial: Vor 40 Jahren gründete sich die Band Madness

Thomas Claer

Wohl jeder kennt „Our House“, den berühmten Song der englischen Band Madness  aus den frühen Achtzigern, aber keineswegs allgemein bekannt ist, dass diese Band schon vor ihrer ganz großen Popularität eine Vorgeschichte als heißer Londoner Szene-Act hatte. 953 more words

Über Musik

A New Jewish Look at US Skinheads and Neo Nazis - Are they reasonable people?

No, I am not a fan of Skinheads, Aryan Nation people, Neo Nazis etc. Let’s just get that out of the way. However, I did come across this 1988 clip of the Gerald Rivera brawl. 523 more words

The Jewish Libertarian Blog

And the Skinheads are Back. Thanks always to Angela Merkel.

It was a couple of years, maybe

ten, that we didn’t hear about skinheads anymore, did we? Now, thanks to Angela Merkel also the white wild boys are back, more entitled than ever, the way they have never felt: Germany basically belongs to them, I can say it, I saw them. 737 more words


My life with the skinheads

Me in London, 1995: I crouched next to this random scooter and jokingly said my ’67 Lambretta went tits-up, so I get around on this Spree. 1,387 more words

My Experiences

Skinheads & Cherry Reds

Let’s kick off with a 16 July 1969 article about a bunch of Somers Town skinhead kids, originally published in Rolling Stone magazine and transcribed by persons unknown. 2,925 more words

Skinhead History


Welcome to Creases like knives, which will hopefully feature regular notes, views and reviews from a North London bootboy perspective. Reggae, soul, punk, hardcore, oi!, and more will all be considered, as will be clobber and style. 51 more words