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Dodgy Splats

Time Out, 1982
Ladbroke Grove Chris on the top right.

Mod Today, Mod Tomorrow

“For his series Rebels Without A Pause, British photographer Muir Vidler captured the most daring and stylish renegades “of a certain age.” Muir seems to specialize in surreal portraiture, extreme events and settings with the odd flash of quiet. 49 more words

The News

Overgeneralizing into Idiocy

Recently, I have become aware of the dark seedy underbelly of the right; that I could have been only dimly aware of it during all my years as a conservative says a lot about how far removed it is from the mainstream, but nevertheless, it exists. 443 more words

On Baldness: Intro

I have several essays and articles and videos and pop culture events that I have been pouring through on the issue of baldness.  I wanted to write one long post about the topic but all the different avenues of it deserve too much space, from females in pop culture shaving their heads, to the different political affiliations and statements, to removing hair as a sign of ownership, to androgenetic alopecia and its affect on men and women who suffer from it.   21 more words


1 Story, 101 Words

The recent muggings were all over the news. They frightened her. In the lift she constantly checked her purse.

Outside she walked inconspicuously next to the wall, that’s when she saw him running towards her. 67 more words

Short Story

Breaking: SC House Votes

To Remove Confederate Flag 94-20
And may it rest in peace in some museum 10 I hope in the future it will no longer be a symbol of hatred, but first many minds have to change and understand that we are all human beings with all faults and with our virtues. 7 more words

Skinheads Against Nazis

In response to the Nazi attack on the Redskins gig at the GLC a couple of skinheads put out this leaflet. It was distributed at gigs and festivals in London, 1984.