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Enlightened freedom-loving Dutch celebrating their Western heritage in Piazza di Spagna, Rome #JeSuisHooligan

Excuse my dark irony but we have heard so much recently about Western civilization’s enlightened attachment to their ancient traditions and culture and especially freedom and liberty… … 21 more words


The Surprisingly Diverse History of Skinhead Culture, in All Its Controversial Forms

“You don’t have, like, Coldplay claiming they were skinheads,” tireless punk archivist, curator, and artist Toby Mott explains, “but everyone says they were punk. Everyone. Bono, whoever. 790 more words


Local Legends

I do love a local legend; the affectionate term for the group of characters who, combined, can be defined as the people who make our communities unique; whilst, individually, they can be summed up as that nutter who lives down the road. 1,479 more words

A Personal Life


When someone says the word skinhead what’s the first image that comes to your mind?

Probably something like this:

What if I told you it would be way more accurate to picture something like this: 192 more words


If I wanted to select someone to represent how I feel about a particular subject, I would dismiss all applications from middle aged former football hooligans, whom tattoo the names of their illegitimate kids on their necks and only shop at Sports Direct. 738 more words

Reality T.V. Dinners And Social Media Minefields

Best practices

Best overdose I ever saw at a rock show was in San Francisco at some inner city commune called The Farm. It was staffed by old hippies and full of hardcore punk kids.  297 more words

Autobiography,memoirs And Confessions