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Why are Neo-Nazis Still a Thing?

Didn’t he know they lost the war?

It seemed like a legitimate question at the time. I had just told a friend of mine that a guy he’d just met was in fact a former Neo-Nazi. 2,474 more words


Project Update #1

We are currently in pre-production for a TV pilot set in Chicago in the late 1980’s.  Theme-wise, it based on the underground punk/skinhead/goth scene around Belmont and Clark and the old Medusas night club. 55 more words


Friday Fictioneers -- Delinquents, 1969

Genre: Historical
Word Count: 100


The bus station waiting room was the in-place to hang out on Saturday afternoons, according to Anita. Two years my senior and a cross-between Raquel Welch and a rouged porcelain doll, she was the epitome of cool. 81 more words


The dangers of traveling while black; the racial attack of Bakari Henderson.

On a night like yesterday, tossing and turning in the dark because of a toothache from a filling ‘so close to a nerve’, I turned to online news to keep me company as I waited for dawn. 1,419 more words


10th July 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

The Mysterious Fairy Flag of Clan MacLeod and its Legendary Protective Powers…..
New Shroud of Turin Study Finds Evidence of Human Blood…..
The Geometry Thickens: Square Stone Formation Detected at the Center of Avebury Stone Circle….. 1,445 more words

Howlin' At The Moon

"Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs"*...

When brands get highjacked…

At far-right rallies across the U.S., an English tennis champion named Fred Perry hovers, invisible to the men unwittingly representing him. For the last two years, members of the Proud Boys cult of masculinity have worn Perry-branded striped-collar polo shirts with a Wimbledon-inspired laurel insignia as they shout at anti-fascist protesters and take rocks to the head.

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Portland's Neo Nazis

On the Media has a good interview with Wilamette Week repoter Corey Pein, one of the only journalists (maybe the only journalist) to have interviewed the Portland train stabber… 150 more words

Fake News