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A Rat Betwixt Blog Post #3 - Additional 3D Work

Hello, everyone!

So, for those of you who have just now stumbled upon this blog of mine. I have been giving insight into our second year Game Design Studies finals game project, some backstory and what I have worked on for it. 789 more words

Game Development

Skiing an Abandoned Resort: Hidden Valley - Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado has a long and illustrious history with skiing. It’s the home to famed resorts known worldwide and some of the best snow on Earth (Utah likes to contend the facts but I beg to differ). 777 more words


day 119

Finished wrapping the top. The screws will come out when the glue drys. The duct tape covers the holes I cut to release the stress, round at the edges but flat at the windows equals stress and bulges.

Vintage Trailer

Rigging & Skinning

Rigging & Skinning

use data-driven methods to analyze the geometry data or features from handcrafted animation by animators or dynamic simulation,  and then implement interactive skinning. 288 more words


The Fun Guy?

So it looks like I’m starting over.



When you have a couple dozen leveling misfit alts, several of which are the same class,  everybody tends to blur together. 479 more words


A Rant

I normally don’t like going on rants and being negative but there has been something that has been bugging me this winter out in the backcountry. 457 more words

The Ornella valley

Today’s plan is to head into a neighbouring valley to Arabba called the Ornella.

You can enter this valley from above by using the lifts from Arabba and then skiing from the top of  Passo Padon (2369m) where there is an off-piste entry to the upper valley.   652 more words

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