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Lip Sync Test

For advanced character animation I was instructed to us an create a lip sync rig using a base head and morphers for each vowel or significant facial expression as well as head and neck bones. 20 more words

Getting into the flow

Yehepp, i am hooked! Now i really enjoy skinning:) pics from a couple of days ago when it was crazy warm and beautiful..i wanted to go up to rothorn but the slope was closed because of avalanche risk..so i skied down to tuftern and then walked up again…


Full Moon, Night Time Skiing

So I have had the MOST amazing experience. Last week a few of us set off from St. Luc to skin up to Hotel Weisshorn and have a fondue up there before skiing back down by moonlight. 569 more words

The Human Factor

When I first set out into the backcountry, I did everything wrong. I didn’t even know there were things I should know. That’s how clueless I was. 475 more words


I’ve been lucky to have some great outdoor winter jobs. For over a decade I spent 50-60 hours a week in ski boots. A few years ago My aching feet drove me to try a different approach. 122 more words

More Barbershop Options

I’ve heard it said that Blizzard is unhappy about how the barbershop turned out.  I like it, and I think there is a lot they could do with it still! 163 more words

On Touring Partners

It’s not often mother nature backs off and gives us stability like this mid-winter in Colorado. It’s important to stay in touch and take advantage when the time is right. 185 more words