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Planning for Paradise

Over the last 7 years of annual trips to Paradise for New Years and various other snowshoe trips along with the few times I’ve gotten out with my splitboard…  I’ve had to plan various “safe” and short trips for a variety of skill levels and gear… I’ve been oogling multiple other routes, and trying to build a basic understanding of some of the easy picking routes. 319 more words


Skin Tool UI

Finished a working version of a handy script and UI that allows you to quickly set joint influences on the selected components. This will really come in handy when blocking in weights. 523 more words


Ask Me Why

Yesterday, I’m catching up on World questing early with the Husband, and we are having a great time doing the PvP World quests, just mucking about and not really stressing about stuff… and then I kill a mob in Stormheim. 486 more words

General Warcraft Post

Iran | Esfahan | Did Not Feel Bad in Najafabad

Our hosts, Rasool and Nasibe live 20 km outside the glorious Saffavid capital of Esfahan.

Like all Iranian names, they all mean something. Rasool stands for messenger and Nasibe for, well, it’s complicated: harmony / suitable / to belong to / worthy. 224 more words


The people you meet

I have often — far too often — posted stories of players acting badly in the game. Today I am going to tell you a different story, a small incident that made a huge impression on me. 1,047 more words

Game Play

Clean Up Woman

Today’s Gold Making Guide is bought to you by World Quests, Mother’s Skinning Knife, and the word ‘patience.’

Skinning has always been lucrative in the opening weeks of an Expansion. 678 more words

General Warcraft Post

Things to Make and Do

You know I said I was going to Val’sharah? Well, I’m here as your daily reminder that the best made plans often go astray, that planning isn’t everything and wandering off the path is perfectly acceptable. 434 more words

General Warcraft Post