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The Ornella valley

Today’s plan is to head into a neighbouring valley to Arabba called the Ornella.

You can enter this valley from above by using the lifts from Arabba and then skiing from the top of  Passo Padon (2369m) where there is an off-piste entry to the upper valley.   652 more words

February 2017

A walk in the woods

Great news! Nico the ski service man has fixed Gra’s skis! Actually, Gra was quite impressed. Nico had put “structure” on the bottoms. OK so I have no idea what he’s talking about but apparently a good Wintersteiger base grinding machine will put a subtle diamond patterning on the base which helps the ski run better. 935 more words

February 2017

Big bad boulders and Chasing Chamois

It only snowed about 5 – 10 cm last night. Not quite enough to cover previous tracks or bushes and boulders off piste.    Not that we’re complaining…we’ll take anything that the Snow Gods will gift us. 685 more words

February 2017

How to Cape a Deer for Taxidermist

Removing a cape for your taxidermist to mount is really a simple task, but when my daughter killed a nice buck this year (see post… 490 more words


Patience is a virtue

It’s been 69 days since we arrived in Arabba and in that time a grand total of about 15cm of natural snow has fallen from the skies.   287 more words

February 2017

2017/02/06 ~ Animal Cruelty

WTF is the purpose of not killing them and then doing it? The animal can not survive after this is done – surely infection in the legs and where their hides were removed would kill the animals. 52 more words

Some Thoughts

Deep Time: Custom Rigs

With the completion of the Malverns Complex scene, my attention has been turned to the flora and fauna that inhabit some of the less barren scenes involved in the Heredfordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust’s brief. 597 more words