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Hike things

Of road trips and hikes and skinny dipping. :) how much more do you want to spend your life before acting fully like a child as an adult? 381 more words


Skinny Dipping Winter

Here’s the 8th installment of winter Haikus. My goal: a total of 107 Forest Haikus and mini ‘coyote’ poems over the winter, sharing in groups of about 10. 173 more words


Random funny

Got an email from Patagonia today advertising their end of season sale. Why do I feel like this floatie is strategically placed? (and yes, he appears to be preparing to jump into a glacial pool. 10 more words


This is a short one I wrote last year for @TheRealNwudo and @africanwriters #JunePromptsAWNC on Instagram. It came from a totally spontaneous place and I wrote it in a matter of minutes-and promptly fell in love. 641 more words


Love Is In The Air - 7 romantic date night ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I have been thinking about different ways I can show how much I love my other half. Now Valentine’s Day in itself is a tricky one for me because my husband insists it is purely a commercial ploy, encouraging daft individuals to part with copious amounts of cash…in the name of love. 568 more words

Victoria, Season 2, Week 3

Entente Cordiale

This week Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and her court journey to France. She hopes to convince her cousin Louis Philippe not to marry his son off to a French princess, which would bring about a terrible political alliance as far as England’s concerned. 506 more words


My 2018 Bucket List

Numbers one, two, and four are off my bucket list from when I was sixteen…. I still stand behind these very important priorities.