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Naked and Free

Down the pier and to the right – this was the path
my body liked to take me, night after night.
Through the lenses of my blurry, blue eyes… 236 more words


Art Battle Manchester - Part 1

I’ve never been one for resolutions usually because I undertake boring ones that I get bored of after a few weeks. However, this year I asked my friends to suggest some things that I should do before turning 30 next year and they came back with some varied suggestions including; ‘go skinny dipping’, ‘work at a festival’, ‘ride a motorbike’ and ‘do something that terrifies you’. 488 more words


Free Verse Hippie Poetry...

Green murky water

too chilly to skinny dip in

but trying hard to entice us anyway

the day

was done and the night was dark… 130 more words

My Bohemian Life

A proposal

“Ni, he is right behind us, I tell you Ni, this one is serious. I mean I can really see it in his eyes.” Aditi was beaming as she and Nila strolled through the hedged garden path marked with yellow and orange marigolds and chrysanthemums leading towards the University library building. 1,105 more words


Nudism/Naturism: Taking the autumn skinny dipping plunge

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today, right?

With that maxim in mind, I plunged into the lake today for what probably will be my last skinny dip until spring. 313 more words


No Virgins

There were 20 minutes when no one was there.
Not on the beach.
Not in the water.
Not across the pond.

I strip down in an instant… 232 more words


Castaway away way way...


I was lying on the wooden floor. The sun was shining. And a stranger on my right hand side was playing piano. Practicing only. For an hour or so.

399 more words
Mélange Mishmash