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Nudism/Naturism: Taking the autumn skinny dipping plunge

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today, right?

With that maxim in mind, I plunged into the lake today for what probably will be my last skinny dip until spring. 313 more words


No Virgins

There were 20 minutes when no one was there.
Not on the beach.
Not in the water.
Not across the pond.

I strip down in an instant… 232 more words


Castaway away way way...


I was lying on the wooden floor. The sun was shining. And a stranger on my right hand side was playing piano. Practicing only. For an hour or so.

399 more words
Mélange Mishmash

Skinny Dipping

i went skinny dipping. it’s important for me to say (or write) it out loud. i went skinny dipping.

i’m neither beautiful, nor confident. i’m me, i’m over weight, unshaved and make-up less. 86 more words


Day 224

About Skinny dipping and a new diary..

So about the skinny dipping…first of all, no pictures.. sorry? So 2 weeks ago the Boyfriend and I were at a weddingparty. 495 more words

1001 Days

30 in 30: the plight of the bucket list

You would be astounded by how many “30 in 30”-type bucket lists there are, just floating around the internet. Seriously. Take a look.

A quick Google search yields eight different websites alone, and another 20 or so clicking through pages two and three – I couldn’t bring myself to keep going. 534 more words

It used to be commonplace

Up until the 1960s,  it was common for men to swim nude in high schools, colleges, and at the YMCA.

Before pool chlorination,  swimsuits were thought to harbor germs.   426 more words