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​Today has been a day of beaches – five of them to be exact. I tried to enjoy them – truly I did.

  1. My favourite was after dark where skinny dipping was threatened…
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Crushed Out - Alien Ocean

Still much to write about before we can say a cheery farewell to 2016 and hope that there’s brighter stuff in store for 2017. I’ve got a couple of distinct Christmas videos to post and in the final week of the year I’ll publish my Sonic Breakfast top ten. 238 more words

Jus Sayin 1203

Gmail gives you a whole 30 seconds to make up your mind whether or not to send your vile, venomous, slandering, vitriol laced email or delete it.  394 more words

Skinny Dipping in September

I yanked the shirt over my head, allowing the midday breeze to kiss my skin. Peter’s already ahead of me, trying to pull off his shorts while still running. 280 more words

Short Story

Glacier Lake, Unruled

I could tell you it doesn’t hurt, but

that’s a lie. Still, I choose

to dive into what’s frozen,

entering the cold with no armor. 120 more words

Naked and Free

Down the pier and to the right – this was the path
my body liked to take me, night after night.
Through the lenses of my blurry, blue eyes… 236 more words


Art Battle Manchester - Part 1

I’ve never been one for resolutions usually because I undertake boring ones that I get bored of after a few weeks. However, this year I asked my friends to suggest some things that I should do before turning 30 next year and they came back with some varied suggestions including; ‘go skinny dipping’, ‘work at a festival’, ‘ride a motorbike’ and ‘do something that terrifies you’. 488 more words