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Temptation of a Watery Fantasy: Skinny Dip Falls

Yesterday our little band of travelers bit off a big chunk of hiking. We climbed up a mountain to Looking Glass Rock. In the picture below, Looking Glass Rock is in the center. 599 more words

Sunday skinny dipping - and other 100% Mindful acts

Nordic oceans and getting naked do not often come to the mind as a harmonious duo. However something happened last winter when I was in dire need of some mind-taming, and the answer came in the form of performing a rather bizarre act, that put me right in the heart of a moment. 779 more words


Review of Skinny Dipping, by Janet Lembke

Janet Lembke’s book of essays, Skinny Dipping, does not revolve mainly around that topic. It is, instead, a series of personal reminiscences, though themes of water and nature in general figure prominently. 704 more words

Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dip


You Don’t Have to Be Skinny To Dip a Toe in the Pond of Liberation

We went skinny dipping the other night. I am 37 and have never done that before; I have never felt comfortable enough in my own skin. 365 more words

The Evolving Writer

Helpful Hints: Caught Skinny Dipping - Flood Tool in Photoshop

For the last year I have been really trying to improve my Photoshop skills. I have dedicated countless hours watching YouTube tutorials and practicing on random photos. 139 more words

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