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Affordable, delicious eats!

I am still on a very tight budget, although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but as a foodie, lowering my budget on groceries has been tough. 530 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Why We Do Not Tell Skinny Women To Eat Cheeseburgers

Skinny shaming is real.

Whether some want to admit it or not. People tend to think that women who are skinny are privileged, therefore, they should be content because society praises it. 604 more words

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My Freakin' 365 + 1 List: Day 122

One Third of the way through the year and my list of doing one thing new!

yes, this is a skinny girl rant

I received a back handed comment the other day from a complete stranger and it went something like this ” wow, your so skinny, you must not ever eat”..SERIOUSLY..yup that’s right, you got me, I don’t eat..EVER..im getting by from licking the fucking air I breath and that’s about it..as I sat there for a moment before I gave way to the Scorpio buried beneath my exterior with my answer I reminded myself the stupidly that lives within ignorant people and cut her some obviously much needed slack..i knew it was her own shit she was violating me with, her own insecurity and lack of whatever kind of self,  however these comments are nasty in whatever capacity they are meant for..question, would she have felt the need to ask  me if I was overweight ” wow, your SO fat, do you ever not eat?” 327 more words

Double Dose: All Black x Pop Of Color

Happy Weekend Guys, hope you all had a fab one like I did.
In case you didn’t know I’m an avid lover of the color black and so when Vickie and I decided to do a… 299 more words

Style Diary

One Shirt, Three Styles

So I’ve been writing this post in my head for a while now and finally I’ve decided to share it with you guys.

I got this denim (sometimes I feel it’s chambray still can’t tell the difference) shirt last month during one of my… 349 more words

Style Diary