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I want to be a skinny bitch

Hello world.

I want to be a skinny bitch. This what I am thinking would make me extremely happy. I tried to except the fact, that I am overweight…but my beauty ideal is that skinny body (like the one showed in the picture,  foto is from @SkinnyGirlBible) I don’t think that everyone should be skinny. 324 more words

Getting Fit


The trend of body positivity is one of the most amazing movements that has came up in the recent years. Body positivity is all about accepting and loving yourself the way you are and not changing for anyone else. 526 more words


A Blogger approved way to style an Off-shoulder top and Mom jeans.

One of the best thing about 2017 was the major comeback of fashionable pieces from the 90s. The Mom jeans and of course everything Off-shoulder are definitely top of my list. 432 more words

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Vegetable broth changed my life!

Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But recently I’ve discovered a way to both improve the flavor of my dishes AND reduce calories and fat! 371 more words

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Yoyo spins fat to skinny: up, down and up, down again

Depression, mania, memory loss, hypersexuality … hey, let’s add drastic weight gain and loss while we’re at it. Ya know, just for shits and giggles. 710 more words

Raw And Real

Why You So Skinny ?

“When you know who you are, even the wind will lower its howl so that you may speak.”

— Nathalie Philippe

Slim Jim! Slim Jim! I was 10 and the kids were cruel.

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