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Teach body loving, not body shaming

Unless you refuse to have anything to do with social media (if that’s you, I’m wondering how and why you stumbled upon my little blog here) you might have read an article or two about body shaming, especially in women. 662 more words

Living a double life

Okay, so I am not living a double life- I just wanted a dramatic title to draw you in.

I am going to take a break from my usual topic (since I am so bitter that I did not get pregnant last month) and give you my reviews/thoughts on all of the wonderful samples that I received from Influenster last month. 511 more words


Introducing Me!

For those of you who don’t know (and there’s not many of those left in West Yorkshire) I am 54 years, nearly 55 years old and have spent the last 41 years see-sawing between cake, chocolate and salad in a heart-rending attempt to become the woman I see in my mind’s eye. 202 more words


Protein Pancakes: Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Happy National Pancake Day!

Honestly, as if I needed a reason to make pancakes? In fact, if I could have breakfast for every meal, I would. 84 more words

Corporate Life To Army Wife

Skinny Numbers on the Scale: 363 minus 138

My lifestyle modification doc greeted me the other day with a hug, saying, “Hey there skinny!”

And he wasn’t kidding…

I stepped on the scale and my newest number just felt… 138 more words

Weight Loss

Bethenny Frankel Comes to BookPeople!

Just booked: Bethenny Frankel, bestselling author, reality TV star, natural foods chef, and creator of the incredibly successful Skinny Girl line of food and lifestyle products, is bringing her new book of relationship advice to BookPeople! 199 more words