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Honoring my Scottish Heritage

My Mother’s maiden name was Campbell and she was so 

proud of her Scottish Heritage, in fact my youngest 

brother carries the name Scott to honor her pride.  447 more words


Temple Bar, Dublin

Just to remind you, the WordPress app for iPad and iPhone is total shit. Buggy as hell.

Yeah, more drinking. There’s a theme slowly developing. Barbara and I are drinking across Ireland and the UK. 349 more words

Caffeine and Skinny Jeans: Book Excerpt of the Week 

Caffeine and skinny jeans have something in common. This week’s book excerpt comes from the ABCs of Caffeine Safety: Biological Sensitivity

“The safety of a product such as an energy drink depends on the quality of the ingredients and the cleanliness of the production line, but it also depends on the person consuming the product.” 44 more words

Energy Drinks

Full Day of Being Dressed!

Wow! What a day. A long day. But a good day!

So, lots of things happened today. It was my first day out in public since I returned to crossdressing. 1,484 more words


Eastern Jacket of Dreams

As summer draws to an end we welcome autumn with open, yet somewhat chilled arms, the weather is quite a mixed bag, rainy with cold winds one day and glorious sunshine the next. 279 more words

What I Wore Today

15 Pairs of Plus-Size Skinny Jeans to Shop Now

On some level I am conscious that there was a time when stretch skinny jeans didn’t exist, but man am I glad we’re on the other side of it. 137 more words


Choker Trend

Today is our last above 80 degree day in the forseeable 

weather forecast and I am thrilled to have hope for Fall’s Arrival! 

What better way to celebrate than to wear Red? 335 more words