K's Book Club: The end of overeating

I found a book that’s much more sane than the Hunger Fix. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really relate to the latter. The way it was written was a bit too…colloquial? 607 more words

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Silence is golden

So far I have learned many things during my rehab, and thought I should share with you one simple yet much-recommended habit that may help you: eating without distractions helps you eat less and feel more satisfied. 143 more words

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Just like a heroin addict can’t have “just a little heroin”, I knew I had to cut out my forbidden foods altogether – at least for the near and not-so-near future (many food addiction specialists advocate removing junk food from your diet for the rest of your life, just like an alcoholic can never drink again. 567 more words

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17 Day Diet Tracker

In the first couple chapters of “The 17 Day Diet” book, Dr Mike tells us we do not have to track anything except for the 2 servings of fruit before 2pm and 2 servings of probiotics a day.  33 more words



Something has to Change! I HAVE TO CHANGE!

I am slowly heading back into a funk. I am tired all the time, miserable with my eating habits, forgetful, I hate my hair, think I’m too short….the list is endless :( 395 more words


Skinny Tips.

I was at the library last week (best place in the world :) ) browsing the cookbook section for ideas when I came across “VB6” Eat Vegan before 6pm… 232 more words


More Thinspo = More Motivation!


It’s difficult at the beginning but soon your stomach shrinks and not eating becomes a habit… it gets easier!

‘Skinny tastes better than food’

– A oxoxo