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William H. Macy, this episode was dramatic!  It was like watching a ping pong match, back & forth, back & forth between Luann & Bethenny.  I will say that at the beginning of the episode I liked B; she was genuinely distraught over the information she had, & she was empathetic & compassionate towards someone other than herself.   595 more words

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OMG! I think Bravo & ABC are in cahoots about teasing previews.  On the other hand, I loved all the “Tom”-centric puns made last night. 887 more words

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Dear Skinny Me

Dear Skinny Me,

I know you are in there. Buried under the french fries, M&Ms, funnel cakes and all the chocolate, sugary snacks and carbohydrates that I have eaten. 495 more words

Affordable, delicious eats!

I am still on a very tight budget, although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but as a foodie, lowering my budget on groceries has been tough. 530 more words

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Airport Munchies

Let’s face it, we all get hungry waiting in the terminal for our flight while pondering what type of snacks will come down the isle of the plane. 289 more words

Y’all this episode was another  dud, so much so that I considered not doing a recap.  But alas, I am here for you!

Bethenny had a Skinnygirl event to attend, SHOCKER!   508 more words

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Wow-wee!  Where do I even begin?  Scary Island may have been surpassed tonight in the Berkshires.  The ladies picked up where they left off last week, with the great Skinnygirl name debate.   1,526 more words

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