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How Effy Stonem made me feel like I am not alone with all my scary thoughts

I am avoiding posting anything that is sad lately. As usual I don’t want to infect anyone with my indisposition. As much as possible I want everyone around me to think that I am finally capable of being alive again without trying to kill myself afterwards. 497 more words


Effy Stonem (Skins uk) Makeup

Hello World, another Skins post, because I really like the series, especially Effy. Again, she’s really beautiful and has great style, but I wouldn’t suggest you to copy everything she does.  323 more words


Shows to Binge Watch: PART 1

I’m a college student… aka I’m a professional TV Show binge watcher. Here are my recommendations for my favorite shows to avoid writing essays or just to ruin a week of your social life. 493 more words


Mystical Eyes

The weathers good which means it’s time to get out of the house and catch up with some mates, but have the best eyes at the party! 8 more words


TV Rec: Skins UK (First Generation)

SKINS UK First Generation

Whenever somebody asks me what my favorite tv series are, SKINS UK always comes up on top. It is my default. It is the series that has affected me the most, the way I think, the way I relate to people and the way I dress myself. 640 more words

Zero To Hero

Currently Watching: The Borgias

Although is finals week and I should have my nose stuck in books, I’ve decided to procrastinate…just a little bit.
Being the silly girl I am, I started a new series on Netflix called The Borgias. 214 more words


TV Soundtrack Throwback #2

Since pretty much everything is on hiatus at the moment I’ve decided to write another blog post about music that played on TV in the past years. 450 more words