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Skintland, the need for economic clout, and Scots' constricted vote on independence

This blog may or may not convince readers of the need for more global democracy. But even where it fails, I hope it will at least show the unconvinced the unnoticed costs of the current system, where competing countries are relatively unconstrained by international, democratic collective decision-making. 776 more words

Alex Salmond 'manufacturing outrage' over Economist Skintland cover - Telegraph

Alex Salmond ‘manufacturing outrage’ over Economist Skintland cover

The SNP leader said the respected financial magazine would “rue the day” it published a map of Scotland renamed as “Skintland”, complete with the capital “Edinborrow” and the “Highinterestlands” in the north. 256 more words


Nemo me impune lacessit

Not content with lazily retreading a creative concept with its front cover (see the original version here), the Economist also decided to invoke that most stereotypical, historical example of Scottish economic folly, the Darien scheme.  785 more words


Welcome to Skintland

This is where you live. This is the cost of deciding to govern yourself.

Remember: you are too poor, too stupid and too lacking in talent to control your own affairs. 50 more words

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