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Devil's Backbone, Texas

Devil’s Backbone, Texas (2015)

Oof what a mess.

I try to ignore the star ratings on these movies. I’ve seen some good fun stuff that didn’t catch on with a lot of people. 190 more words


Mine Games

Mine Games (2012)

Ok so most of these movies follow a predictable formula. And the formula’s changed since the 80’s. Instead of a group of interchangeable rowdy teens getting murdered by a guy, there are a bunch of movies that have a group of 20-somethings that we get to know first and are then menaced by some unseen force. 177 more words


EXODUS (2015) movie review

Exodus has moments of beauty and potential greatness, thoughtful on so many levels. But Bale is no Charlton Heston. Exodus: Gods and Kings lacks the pizzaz and joy of the original Ten Commandments. 399 more words


Breaking at the Edge

Breaking at the Edge (2013)

A ghost holds a woman hostage because her husband murdered her. Everything gets revealed very quickly and there isn’t much to do except watch the inevitable happen. 29 more words


Born to Exile (Tales of the Minstrel Alaric #1) - Phyllis Eisenstein


Alaric, a young minstrel with a talent for magic, roamed the lands in search of his fortune. And in Castle Royale, it seemed he’d found both his fortune and his true love, the beautiful Princess Solinde.

550 more words

The Haunting of Whaley House

The Haunting of Whaley House (2012)

Man what a confused movie. It starts out as a horror comedy about a bunch of dorkuses trying to break into a haunted house, and then getting killed immediately. 227 more words


Throw Back Thursday: Skip It

Your entire life you work on skills to becoming an adult and some days being an adult just plain sucks. Bills, responsibilities, work, and all the stress, it can be a lot; it’s important to just take a moment, take a deep breath and remember to be a child again! 265 more words

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