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Cabin fever...

I am not a very good patient. I don’t like the attention or being fussed over and I certainly don’t revel in duvet days either. I actually find that if I don’t get out to have a run or go to the gym each day then I become very restless and dare I say it even grumpy… how things have changed! 309 more words

Thursday Time Trial.

One of the biggest misconceptions about training is that you need to spend hours working out in order to see results. I think this leads a lot of people to believe that they don’t have the time to commit properly, so why bother starting in the first place. 377 more words


Skipping - Adidas Originals

Skipping is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up in small spaces or when you can’t get in a run or only have 5-10 minutes to spare in your days but need a pick me up! 244 more words

Trim Trend

Does Skipping Meals Make You Fat? New Research Says It Does; Check Out What Exactly Contributes To Weight Gain! : Trending News : KDramaStars

Getting a flat abdomen is a lot easier for those who do not skip meals, according to a study that shows your weight gain is based on how often you eat and not what you eat. 7 more words

16 – Skipping Cat

This little cat is trying to get in shape! I think he’s perfect just the way he is: clumsy! :3

1 Line Cat

Why I'm a Church Skipper

Yes. You read the title right. Church. Skipper. Someone who continually skips out on church. I was raised in the church, my dad was even a pastor when I was younger. 520 more words

Christian Living

Truth and Dare

Dear me,

It has really been a long while. Sincere apologies. You know, that moment in life where everything rushes past before you completely live through it? 302 more words