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Traditional Rope VS Digital Rope

Today is Day 18 of the Skipping Challenge.  We decided that once we get to 5 000 skips participants are free to continue with the challenge all the way to day 30. 472 more words


Israel thanks Jamaica (Nigger Freemasons) for skipping controversial UNESCO vote

RIO DE JANEIRO — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked his Jamaican counterpart for his country’s refusal to participate in the UNESCO vote that ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. 357 more words

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Let Your Body Do The Yoga!

Never underestimate the power of a Monday morning workout!  I hope you did some form of exercise this morning because trust me, it will determine the rest of your workout week.   887 more words


4 Year Difference

Fucking crazy man, my ex has a kid. He’s 20 now when we dated he was 17…I hate to go all “hippie life changes man” but guys, I have hope again for my future. 278 more words

Why I'm Skipping the New Year's Resolution

Another year came and went, and I feel like last year’s resolutions mostly fell by the wayside. Maybe my recent year sounds a lot like yours: you started the year well intentioned with several New Years Resolutions in mind ready to be tackled. 967 more words

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So I woke up this morning after sleeping for approx 4 hours to my roomie becky blasting the tv right in the next room after getting back from the hospital. 343 more words



Went to bed at 12, woke up at 11. Slept 11 hours!!! Amazing. I woke up feeling so calm and amazing. Heart was great. Calm. No skipped beats. 197 more words