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Why 'Practice Makes Perfect' Might Be a Lie

I’ll be skipping practice from here on out. A new study suggests that in sports, training can take you only so far. In short, for most mere mortals, spending hours practicing your 3-pointers won’t turn you into Steph Curry.

Private Schools: A Solution to Absenteeism?

In the United States of America, 1 in 8 high school students are a chronic absentee. For a different perspective on this same issue, we could also say that 62,000 children miss class every day of the school year, either for legitimate reasons or because they are cutting class. 429 more words



Bit of a random post, but I’ve not done any sort of skipping since it was a playground game at school, now that I’ve started CrossFit it forms part of a fair few or my workouts and is part of pretty much every warm up session we do so I thought I’d try and improve my technique. 172 more words


Titanfall 2's Beta Is Skipping PC

(Source: kotaku.com)

It’s a tradition as old as… well, probably a few years, anyway. A game’s beta drops, and PC players crack it open in hopes of suckling out sweet morsels of information. 335 more words


All Decked out!

As you know, I love my running, but I also spend quite a bit of cross training as I truly believe that will make you better at any sport you do, and adds variety to your weekly exercise. 383 more words


Dynapro Direct Jump Rope – Why Jump Rope Is a Great Alternative to the Treadmill

I have enjoyed skipping since school, and I have always enjoyed skipping in the gym! Although, it is not uncommon that I’ve had a few funny looks when I get my skipping rope out. 459 more words

Skipping Stones for Distance

When I was a youngster my parents would take me to our batch (cottage) by the beach. I would love to pick up smooth stones and throw them to see how many times I could get them to skip along the top of the water before sinking. 347 more words