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Can You Really Succeed with Skipping?

 Are you a skipper?

How many times have you started something, dove in and said “I can do this”, so you try this and try that only to say well it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?   1,149 more words


Day 24 - Jump

So this prompt was jump. I originally wanted to do a black and white shot of my sister doing the air guitar jump in our living room. 59 more words


Running Form Tips and Drills

Form is a huge part of running. I, for one, am constantly working on running with my shoulders down and relaxed, back straight and a slight forward lean. 372 more words


The Art of Skipping

It was so simple. Me and my best friend were drunk in a hotel room miles outside our own lives and looking for a way to swim deeper and deeper into the bottle of bourbon we’d foolishly bought thinking we’d look cool (side note: we didn’t look cool at all). 565 more words



Thought I’d go into open gym and try for some double unders. I got about 5! But all stand alone. Doing unbroken stretches of singles, between 15-50 at most. 8 more words


2015-02-19 Thursday

8 rounds for time:
• 40 double unders
• 30 walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead
• 20 GHD situps
• 10 bench press 135lb… 7 more words

For Time

2015-02-18 Wednesday

5 rounds for time:
• 6 flights of stairs carrying 10lb bumper plate
• 9 SDHP w/ 2pood kettlebell
• 12 burpees
• 18 pullups… 9 more words

For Time