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A-line skirt 3 ways

Hey lovelies, I hope you have all been well since the last time I posted. Today’s post will be how to style a a-line skirt 3 ways, by changing the shoes and the top! 149 more words


Gray Matter

Discussion about the liberal use of medications (and coming to the realization that I am quite liberal with the use of medications) along with other topics like government businesses and the recent measles outbreak were a few of what my sister and I engaged in during brunch today. 366 more words


Another skirt - 5 down, 6 to go

My fifth garment in my eleven garment SWAP is done!

This week’s project is an embroidered denim skirt made from this fabric. This is my self-drafted pattern from Winifred Aldrich’s book “ 1,053 more words

This Skirt Tho..

Still can’t decide if you want to buy that denim skirt you’ve been eyeing up? In the words of Shia LaBeouf.. JUST DO IT!! I’m so glad I purchased this skirt and I think you will be too! 72 more words


Stillness and Quiet Settle the Soul -- A 70% off Shoe Sale Doesn't Hurt Much Either

This is one of those quiet days. The dust has settled from the past two weeks of making reFresh Boutique our own. I love the feel of fine fabrics and the allure of color, the glow of crystal chandeliers reflected in mirrors. 197 more words

ReFresh Boutique

Gentle Skirt

This skirt is for little sim girls and is made by Kiara Zurk.

Get it here

Custom Content

Everyday staple skirts

The skirt on the left is another favourite of mine. Denim and A-line, it goes with pretty much anything. The best part about it is despite being from Asos, I bought it for £4 from eBay including p&p! 53 more words