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Every Little Compliment Is A Very Personal Victory 

This afternoon whilst waiting to return home after an enjoyable but challenging day in the town I was joined by two girls who couldn’t have been more than 16 or 17 at the most. 551 more words

Skirting Round My Life

We Are Fierce Women And A Picture Of Success 

It has often been said that a picture paints a thousand words but this picture paints the most glorious tale using only four words. It is you like the picture of success, but it is also much more than that as it paints a story of friendship, and sisterhood, and the power of women at our best. 133 more words

Skirting Round My Life

If A Man Wants To Be A Lady Like Me He'll Never Be The One That I Want

​It had to happen after a spoken word event on sexuality. I had decided not to go to the smut slam but instead take a wander to my favourite LGBT watering hole otherwise known as Katie’s Bar. 388 more words

Skirting Round My Life

The Accident 

As anyone who knows me will testify, I have always had a reputation for being a wee bit accident prone. As if to prove this I had a pretty bad fall at the end of April which had a catastrophic impact on my social life. 449 more words

Skirting Round My Life

The Fiercest Of Women Are The Fiercest Of Friends. 

Dateline Friday 5th August 2016

Venue The Scottish Poetry Library

Event Women With Fierce Words.

Now one year on from this groundbreaking event we are soon to celebrate the magic of it with the publication of a collection of poems performed on the day. 217 more words

Skirting Round My Life

In Defence Of Cat Boyd And A More Inclusive Scotland 

​In 2014 a young activist passionately campaigned for Scotland’s independence.

In 2017 the same activist said they had voted for the Labour Party in the recent general election to the United Kingdom Parliament at Westminster. 904 more words

Skirting Round My Life

Home Win 

As a trans woman who is also a football fan , this poem charts a very important development in the early stages of my transition as I recall my first Scotland game in my true gender. 256 more words

Skirting Round My Life