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Writers at a Bar

Introduction: The initial idea of this skit came from sitting in a fancy bar trying to make small talk with a guy I just met. 1,616 more words

Apartment 203

Welcome to Hell - SNL's most important video of 2017

Honestly I am not sure that I’m the guy to be talking about this video, god knows I have like 3 projects in the works that though they are not inherently sexist, someone who does not know me would possibly assume that I am a chauvinist pig. 518 more words


Story Writing -Skill Building

In every challenge, the story is worth a HUGE amount of points. You will want to do a story writing skill building day with your kids. 603 more words

What's New?

Moments In Comedy: Andy Kaufman on Fridays

Andy Kaufman was a true one of a kind talent. He was one of the few comedians who was never eager to get the audience the love him, if anything his goal was to get an audience to hate his guts. 568 more words


Kawaii Chips

Did I want you? What the hell else am I doing here?
Are you going to tease me now?
Only if you want me to… 243 more words

All About You

Lord, tonight as I was talking with a friend about my post Finding Myself in Lovely A’s 56 Questions, she was responding to my disclaimer. 783 more words