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ICYMI: Happy Gilmore returns to kick Bob Barker's Ass!

In case you missed it…

If you don’t understand the title of the article, please leave.

Now that that’s out of the way, Comedy Central… 112 more words


An Interaction At The Workplace

Today I was waiting to be served when I heard the checkout staff having a conversation.

Dramatis Personae of the skit:
Troll Girl – about 4 foot tall, rectangular head with greasy blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. 586 more words


When your cupcake ex shows up, food threesomes can occur

Salad is always there for you, but that cupcake is so tempting.


SNL ISIS Skit: Too Soon?

So I’m not that big of a SNL fan now but I was back in the day. However, I’m a little confused on why a high school graduate joining ISIS was remotely funny. 31 more words


What Price Comedy? - Saturday Night Live Tramples Propriety

Since the dawn of time man has sought relief from the vagaries of life through laughter. To be sure there are all degrees of comedy, from the physicality of the Three Stooges to the often very subtle word jabs thrown around by comedians and late night talk show hosts we have no shortage of people poking fun. 521 more words


I Can't Even - SNL

If you missed out on SNL’s “I Can’t” skit last night then take a look.

What would have made this skit even better?

Maybe having us five girls on the skit, but we’ll forgive Margo for that one (We Can’t Even).

Enjoy :)