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Sunday Skits Episode 17 - Adopt a Ghetto Dog Outtakes

Somehow Alek snuck his way onto our set again…needless to say we wasted quite a bit of time waiting for him to get it right.


so today, 

we had VBS skit practice after YG. It was super fun and funny cus we had the drama king with us. So a quick synopsis of the story is this: 2 kids, Jack and Jill, live in a peaceful town called Terrest. 161 more words

Video Viral Friday: Rush Hour / Face/Off Mashup

What would a Rush Hour and Face/Off mashup movie look like?  Well, Funny or Die does a funny parody with Sean Combs and Byung-Hun Lee in Rush Hour 4/Face/Off 2:


"Footloose" Photographs Now Available!

So many great photographs created to choose from for this blog post! The cast and crew of ShowKids Invitational Theatre (SKIT) did a great job tech week and opening weekend with their hit show “Footloose” the musical. 84 more words


The Baltimore Orioles Were Featured On 'SNL'

The world watched while Charm City experienced some monumental events in the past week. As Baltimore made the national news for multiple reasons from the peaceful protests to the never-before-seen empty stadium for the Baltimore Orioles home game, and NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ took note. 44 more words