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Short Script for Japanese Skit

(In the bank, Teller counts the money)

Thief: かねをだせ

Teller: まいにち ごうとうがくるなあ。*sighs*

Thief: いそいで、おそい!はやくして!

Bystander: だれかけいさつにでんわを早くかけて!

Thief: はやく どこかに にげなきゃ。

Teller: おんがくをきいてもいいですか?これはつまらないから。

Thief: おかねを だしたら だれも しなない。 70 more words



Ja hatar gubbar!!!
Idag är det söndag och Leia vill absolut träffa Gunilla Persson som kommer till Frölunda torg för fans träff.
Självklart ska vi dit. 31 more words


How to wash basketball shorts with drawstrings

Platform: YouTube 

Category: Comedy

Duration: Up to 60 seconds

Narration: Are you tired of one end of your drawstrings getting pulled into its hole, when you wash your basketball shorts? 77 more words



If you watch the news, you know the most important headline right now is the ongoing feud between Drake and Meek Mill. You might have to skip the less important issues like the BANGKOK BOMBING, or the BAILOUTS IN GREECE or whatever.. 816 more words


When your friend barrows money...

Another original from WTFDJ and @the40Four … this is a talented group and I really feel like this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what skits they come up with next.


Don't Lose That EdTech Feeling

This is the script to the “Don’t Lose That EdTech Feeling” skit, which was performed by me and Brad Grumbles on August 17, 2015.  

(Maverick and Goose walk onto the stage in sunglasses and Navy dress whites.) 324 more words

Rise And Converge

Our new "Footage" page

Check out our all new footage page that shows all of our footage and quick links to other videos staring wtfdj. You can find a quick link to our footage page by clicking the word “FOOTAGE” in the top left corner of our website. 35 more words

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