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Skit: The Appearance of Yoraikun

Looks like this time I’m the one posting a skit here. So by the looks of it, I’m blessed with some incredible luck or something, since… 260 more words



Hey guys! This week’s video is something new – it’s a parody! When I’m bored, I put my hair up in some wacky hairstyles which inspired me to make this video :) I’m super happy with how it turned out and it was loads of fun to film. 39 more words


Matt Damon Acts Out WHOLE Film Career With James Corden (VIDEO)

Not going to lie, I forgot about A LOT of the movies that Matt Damon was in that are still some of my favorites.

James Corden and Matt Damon NAILED IT last night when they acted our Matt’s whole film career in 8 minutes. 68 more words


A Fun Movie: Landline Pt.1

I decided to take a change of pace today and post something fun. Here is a parody of the Australian news show, Landline, that my cousin and brother (and I) made.

Part two coming soon!


Kenan and Kel Reunite On The Tonight Show With A "Good Burger" Sketch!

Last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson reunited for their famous “Good Burger” skit, in which Jimmy flashes back to his first job — at Good Burger, of course.

Check it out!


My Roommate Is a Feminist Buzzkill

A project my friend Elana Joy and I have been working on. Currently the web series is framed from Elana’s perspective, which is why the title doesn’t make much sense when I post it (since, you know, ~I~ am the feminist buzzkill that she speaks of). 9 more words