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Frank and Bob: Name Change

Bob: It’s official, I’m Chad now.

Frank: Ugh, what’s going on now?

Bob: I got my name changed. Bob is gone. Chad is in. Chad is the new Bob. 559 more words


Writings From a Younger Me #8- Pirates

The continuation of the birthday sketch. Probably the most surreal of the comedy sketches, and some of the jokes/puns are a bit ridiculous, and nothing makes sense buuuut… I like it ;)  568 more words

Writings From a Younger Me #7- Happy Birthday

(No date on this one, but most likely from about April/May 2013) 

Annnd we’re back with the sketches! This time I’ve used the names Hugh and Stephen in the script itself, which makes life easier. 264 more words

Kuppusaamy on Bill Gates! 😉

Just heard, Bill Gates has resigned as the ‘Chairman of Microsoft’ after receiving a letter from kuppusaamy.
It reads:


I have some questions for you…. 98 more words


fashion of Fantagian

level 0-15

No rare, limited items, but they still manage to look good, so they still have some free gifts and shop items!

Level 16-99… 162 more words


Poetry Class at Westpoint

CADET 1 and 2 stand in the center of the room.



CADET 1 and 2 stand at attention. SERGEANT enters room.


I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. 980 more words

Word Salad Spinner