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Skittles: Red

I didn’t have feelings on red Skittles one way or the other until my friend, due to a combination of diagnosed and undiagnosed mental issues ate all the red Skittles (and only the red Skittles) out of a whole big thing of Skittles. 19 more words


Skittles: Orange

Orange Skittles definitely taste like orange, but much more like the color orange than the fruit. The color orange, if you didn’t know, tastes like somebody made lemonade, but with carrot juice instead of lemon juice. In other words, delicious. 4.2/5


Skittles: Purple

These are grape. Except Wikipedia informs me that outside of the U.S. these are something called “blackcurrant.” And then a different Wikipedia page informs me that blackcurrants are some kind of berry. 67 more words


Will Marshawn Lynch bring Skittles back to the football field?

It maybe was something we all spoke a bit too much about at the end, but one of the most hilarious things to watch when Marshawn Lynch was on the field was to see him eat Skittles in celebration. 325 more words


Skittles: Yellow

I guess, then, a lemon Skittle is a lime Skittle that does have the courage of its convictions, but its convictions aren’t necessarily good ones. Like it’s convinced that “The Single Guy” was an underrated gem of Must-See TV. 35 more words


President Trump quips about sending humans to Mars in his first term

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Early on Monday morning, NASA’s veteran astronaut Peggy Whitson set a US record for cumulative time in space, surpassing Jeff Williams’ record of 534 days. 397 more words


a slow process #2

So today i made the decision that im going to turn vegan, however i will bring this in slowly.

As mentioned in my previous blog… 626 more words

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