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Jody needs what?!

Jody Wahl, 
We’ve picked a few styles we think you’ll like based on your past purchases and preferences. Neon Fanny Pack.

Maybe Amazon just knows I’m depressed and they’re trying to help. 201 more words


Relaxing conures

Skittles cleaning himself up :) while Taco is hiding from the camera. He’s a little camera shy. Haha

They’re both keeping me company while I recover :)


Game of Thrones? More Like Game of Pubs

Games that originated in pubs

Drinking in pubs has been a favourite past time for many for centuries, and during those years many people have come up with new ways to keep themselves entertained by inventing games to pass the time. 457 more words


Starbucks, Skittles and a Wedding

We were in Vancouver for five days last week, but it felt more like two. It was a busy five days. The first few days were spent at various coffee shops around the city trying to pump out papers while trying to squeeze family and Stella time and last minute errands in between, followed by a beautiful wedding where we witnessed two of my best friends get married. 57 more words


Fav Halloween Candy By State

I gotta be honest, I’m SHOCKED by some of these results. I didn’t even know some of these were still made let alone it being an entire state’s fav candy lol. 170 more words