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Radioactive Decay

Before Class Preparation:


Skittles Jihad Analogy

Donald Trump Jr. “tweeted” a photo making an analogy using a “bowl of skittles” and compared the “colorful” candy to Syrian “jihadists posing as refugees“ 491 more words


Candy Haul

One minute I was at Sultan Center, and the next, I was home, with all this candy…

I don’t even like jelly beans… at all, and yet somehow, I ended up with three packs of… 1,002 more words


Malteaser piñata cake

My stepson’s birthday was approaching and I felt the need to make a cake.  Although he’s not that keen on cake he loves malteasers and skittles, th only way I could think of combining it all was putting skittles in the cake and malteasers on top. This was the result:


Purple skittles Nails

Hello lovelies, today I have a skittles design to share with you. Haven’t done one in ages. This one is from the last week of October. 193 more words

Nail Art

Congratulations to Antonio Brown, the new owner of a Skittles vending machine

Talk about a sugar rush.

Antonio Brown posted an Instagram video of his new Skittles machine that the company sent him to celebrate his love of the candy. 99 more words


Skittles Cauldron

I thought it is a soup-taste like Skittles…

스프맛 스키틀즈인줄…ㅎㅎ