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My Work on Skomer

So the wardens wanted me to tell the world what I did for my job recently and I just posted to give a brief description on the Skomer Blog. 53 more words


Red Admiral

I’ve had this picture of a butterfly for a while now, it is the first one that I saw in 2013.  But I’ve been holding on to it until “Summer” starts.   121 more words



Rabbits can be a bit like Puffins on Skomer- there are loads of them all over the place and some are even black and white!  You also tend to get a lot of questions about them from the day visitors… 122 more words



Being an island we get quite a few boats coming by for a visit.  The most frequent is the Dale Princess that drops off up to 300 day trippers, 6 days a week whenever the wind allows.   152 more words



The toads of Skomer have started to think its spring, even if the birds are still unsure about it.  several pairs can be seen in the ponds and streams, with the male clamped on the top of the large, gravid female.   113 more words


Flying Puffins

It won’t be long until the island is full of a huge variety of birds, both seabirds and passerines, but until them I’m making do with occasional evenings of Guillemot, Razorbill and Puffin.   92 more words



Ravens are some of the more characterful birds on Skomer, and that’s saying a lot on an island full of seabirds!  At the moment they are being pretty watchful because their chicks are still nest bound so they don’t appreciate unsavoury characters hanging around.   61 more words