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Stop motion is hard

Here is the finished animation for my Charity project. I think I’m quite proud of it, although it has lost a bit of quality on it’s way from the animation studio to youtube… The porpoise and the man are a lot more successful, and the birds are better too. 25 more words


Making New Set

This is just a gif of a view seconds to get the idea of panning for the animation. it’s going to be slower and there are going to be things like moving water, someone walking through the scene, the seal coming out of the water, the puffin turning to look at the camera, a porpoise jumping out of the water, and birds flying past.


What I Learnt on my Visit to Parc Slip

Last Wednesday I visited the nature reserve in Bridgend to meet with Gina and talk about where my project should go. She had lots of ideas that really inspired me. 183 more words


There's nuffin like a puffin

2014 was a dreadful year for Puffins in Pembrokeshire. Research by Dr Matt Wood at the University of Gloucestershire* is revealing the harsh consequences of last winter’s’s storms for thousands of puffins on Skomer Island. 270 more words

Dinas Cross

The Puffins of Skomer Island


This summer I went on a trip to Wales for the second time in my life. The first time I was 12 years old and saw the impressive mountains in Snowdonia that look almost like they should be part of a New Zealand rather than Welsh landscape. 400 more words


Puffin on Skomer Island by TheUnseenScene previously… via Tumblr

via Love Nature & Wildlife.

Beauty of Nature & Wildlife Puffin on Skomer Island by TheUnseenScene previously… via Tumblr

Photography & Images

Fifteen Days Out in South Wales - A Beginner's Guide to Skomer Island

Despite my abysmal ignorance in the local wildlife, last summer I have developed an obsession in Skomer Island, which my very kind hosts in Pembrokeshire fueled by kindly checking multiple Twitter accounts for me for ferry schedules and wind condition in the aftermath of hurricane Bertha. 303 more words

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