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Skulduggery Pleasant Chapter 7 (And will promptly be followed by 8!)

Hello darling readers! (Tried a new opening sentence… How is it?)

I, Laurena, have a new chapter of Skulduggery Pleasant! I run all of the chapters posted since Karabelle seems to enjoy emailing me and not Ally or Melia… Although, I do not mind… And Ally would forget and Melia would do it however it allows me to stop doing my English Essay… Which is due in around half an hour… (I am a great procrastinator!) 2,332 more words


Derek Landy's Demon Road Trilogy-- The Final Book is Here!

The Demon Road trilogy is written by Derek Landy who wrote one of my all-time favourite series, Skulduggery Pleasant. The Demon Road trilogy is made up of three books: … 259 more words


Skulduggery Pleasant

Ever since Derek Landy announced a new Skulduggery Pleasant book, I have been pretty excited. So excited that I have, in fact, been going through some of my old Skulduggery Pleasant related stuff. 361 more words


Skulduggery Pleasant by Karabelle. Chapter 6.

And the last chapter! Now, regrettably, it will slow to once a fortnight?? I dunno. But, it will be continued! (You reading this Karabelle? I don’t know what I will do if you don’t complete it but it will be bad! 557 more words


Scepter of the Ancients​ (Skulduggery Pleasant #1) READ ALONG

So yeah. This starts tomorrow. Just a little reminder.

Don’t feel rushed to start tomorrow, because we’re only reading one book a month. So yeah. No rush at all. 86 more words


Early Spring Cleaning

I’ve recently been doing a little “clear out” where I’ve been going through old things of mine and trying to decide whether or not to keep them or chuck them out. 322 more words