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Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant #2)

publisher: Harper Collins
published: 2009
Pages: 416


Skulduggery and Valkyrie are facing a new enemy: Baron Vengeous, who is determined to bring back the terrifying Faceless Ones and is crafting an army of evil to help him. 455 more words


Skulduggery Pleasant: Perfect for All Ages

Book Review: Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
Rating: 5 stars | ★★★★★

Skulduggery Pleasant, although named after the witty skeleton detective featured on the cover, is the story of Stephanie Edgley as she becomes immersed in the world of magic and detectives after her favorite uncle’s murder. 320 more words

Book Review

Skulduggery Pleasant Book Series (NO SPOILERS)


noun: skullduggery

underhand, unscrupulous, or dishonest behaviour or activities.

A few years ago I was shopping in a supermarket and as I passed the books section I spotted the front cover of a book with a skeleton in a smart suit with the title “Skulduggery Pleasant” by Derek Landy.  667 more words


The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant #3) by Derek Landy

It appears two was my limit with this series before it finally hit a rock…

Skulduggery Pleasant and his sidekick, Valkyrie Cain, have to save the world from evil once more. 275 more words

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So, I like Quotes. Of anything and everything. Book Quotes, Downton Abbey Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Celebrity Quotes. Just Quotes.

I don’t really know… 562 more words

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Today I failed to kill the new washer.  This is good, as it meant I had non-pajama pants to wear and could leave the house for grand adventures! 628 more words

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The other day I was thinking about Skulduggery Pleasant. Specifically, I was thinking about Vaurien Scapegrace. Not about the way his storyline was used for… 489 more words