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Toxocara, v.5: How Many Logos?

Back in 2004, I was commissioned to design a logo for Toxocara, a Dutch death metal band (see logo below). It was one of the first major gigs I landed — “major” being relative here –, and the band members were enormously appreciative, handing over merchandise with every album release, which is why I hold the band in such high regard, even to this day. 426 more words



“We found this place just sitting there in the wasteland… and wastelands being wastelands, we moved in because it was fairly defensible and gave us some cover from the storms and sun. 160 more words


Death and Life - Gustav Klimt

Life is a funny old game isn’t it.  On the very base of it we are here to procreate, but we as a species have a consciousness about our own existence, we have developed all the good and bad parts of life as we know it.  687 more words



Few days ago I went to my friend’s art exhibition named ‘Beauty’.

She is a painter artist. Even name of title is Beauty but style of her works is like a dark side. 104 more words


Skulls and brains in reptiles and birds

In a recent paper, Fabbri et al analyzed the relationship between brain and cranial vault shape in the transition from reptiles to birds. To assess the evolution of this relationship they used a broad sample including Aves, Lepidosauria, Crocodylia, Archosauria, and Reptilia. 228 more words