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Modelling Skull Growth

The Finite Element (FE) method has increasing application to biological sciences but frequently lacks proper validation by robust experimental research. One aspect of particular biological and bio-mechanical importance is growth of the human infant skull. 356 more words


New Belgium Glütiny Pale Ale

/light, muss yellow shade
/just no foam
/funny how the green skull on the label calls for Gluten Free brew, where it was crafted to remove Gluten. 15 more words


Part 2: The Leakey Legacy

Jane Goodall’s early work on chimpanzees was solicited by paleoanthropologist and archaeologist Louis Leakey (pictured with her below), who believed the study of primates to be pivotal to an understanding of the early evolution of humans.  689 more words

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open skull

reverse brain

modern adjustments

Morning Ku