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Keeping The Beast At Bay

Photography of wolf man skull prop, size 2112 x 2816 px (2016)

Photograph of a wolf man skull with a black rose clinched between its teeth. 125 more words


Sweet Sugar

Sweet enough to eat.  But I wouldn’t.  You might break a tooth.

Another Day of the Dead image immortalized with a glass cabochon.  Also another foray into expanding my color palette, as I am not at all a pink person. 89 more words


Intracranial Hemorrhage Pearls

Cushing’s triad, which consists of widening pulse pressure, decreasing pulse, and abnormal (often Cheyne-Stokes) respirations, is usually a significant indication of increased intracranial pressure.  Unfortunately, this is usually a very late sign, and irreversible damage may have already been done. 255 more words


Rosetta Skull

Finally! I’ve finished the skull I’ve been carving for far too long :V


Nareszcie! Skończyłam czachę nad którą spędziłam zdecydowanie za dużo czasu :V\


Stent Opens Blocked Arteries in Brain

Stents in the Brain:

Stroke is now becoming the 2nd largest killer disease after heart attacks. Alarming figures suggest that the number of strokes may triple from the present level by the year 2025. 629 more words


Skull Spoons

Individually handcrafted from vintage silver tea spoons.

I’ll have these for sale at the fairs/exhibitions coming up, but you can also buy direct from Hatch, Burn, Carve (PM me or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk)