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Mozart Bliss, Skunked

Half of me was lost in a Mozart playlist on Spotify. The other half lost in worried thoughts over my son and a boatload of things over which I’ve got mostly zero control over. 777 more words


I am carrying this live skunk to protest everything Donald Trump stands for

For the past weeks, as I’ve watched the presidency of Donald Trump unfurl like a deep-fried blooming onion at a county fair – unhealthy, nauseating, greasy – I have asked myself, how can I make my voice heard? 652 more words


Reader Letter: Try black pepper remedy to keep rats away

The reason there are so many rats in this city is the recent eradication of the skunks. Skunks are the one true enemy of mice and rats. 127 more words


the automatic oasis of mr skunk

mr skunk stood flustered with the world, the brutal world seething with anger and hate, so much so that he had begun to consume and cultivate that anger and hate within himself; other people’s rage boiling within and without, a timely brutal mess of the filth of other’s lesser emotions and selves. 150 more words

Daily Prompt

8 Ways to Remove Skunks Naturally

Skunks are one of the most feared creatures not due to their meanness but their stink. Everyone knows that when you see a skunk, you run the opposite direction! 600 more words

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