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On Cats and Skunks

When we first moved to the acreage, we got cats.  Well, we had some indoor only cats that came with us from Alberta, but we got some barn cats right away, as there had been a lot of grain storage on this place, which meant there were plenty of mice.  502 more words

Lilies that Fester

They’re cute alright; nobody can deny that they are cute -soft, fluffy, teddy bear cute. Everything about them shouts hug. But when I first saw it lallygagging up the driveway as if it was just out for an evening waddle, those were not my thoughts. 1,261 more words

A Bucket of Skunks

I was loading my car early in the morning to head home from my daughter’s house to mine, readying myself for the five-hour drive, when I saw it. 644 more words



The temperature was perfect for Tippy today, low 22°F and high of 56°F, so she was outside almost all day.  I went out to check on her around 3 o’clock and was about knocked back into the house from the sickeningly sweet, distinctive smell of a skunk.  259 more words

Hairstyle No. 4: "Flower Power"

Hello everyone,

It’s spring. Yeah, I know it’s not technically spring, but trust me, it’s spring. I trudged to school the other morning in a fluffy winter jacket expecting nothing less nor nothing more than wonted March 1st weather, yet when do my pleas to Mother Nature ever get answered? 943 more words