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Review: The Skunk by Mac Barnett

The Skunk by Mac Barnett, illustrations by Patrick McDonnell

When a man wearing a tuxedo leaves his home, a skunk is sitting on his doorstep. The man slowly backs away and heads off. 336 more words

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“Another morning,” thought Boo the white bulldog as she wiggled her front toes and stretched her long body into a perfect downward dog. It was early, but she soon began whining because she needed to go out — now. 1,075 more words

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Homestead Update

We had another cool rainy week around here. It is finally dry enough for me to go to work, just in time for the weekend! The weatherman is predicting rain everyday next week, I really hope they are wrong. 450 more words


Another grateful day in the forest.

My forest friends are on the porch and one is so tired. Little Miss Pinky is laying on the walkway sleeping. She is a wonderful raccoon who had three babies this year. 724 more words


How to Keep Yourself and Your Pet From Getting Skunked

Skunks don’t really want to make you stink. In fact, they always warn you first.

“The first thing he’s going to do is try to run away. 82 more words

The Special Kitty At The Campsite!

It was Memorial Day weekend and my wife and I were anxious to take our new pop-up camper to the mountains. We wanted to beat the rush, so after dinner we hooked up the camper and put our two excited toddlers in the SUV and began the four hour drive to the Ozarks. 448 more words


Sidelining Skunks

Skunks are one seriously stinky wildlife problem, but there are steps you can take to keep them out. From containing your food carefully, to covering water sources, there are plenty of tricks to help rid of these pests. 47 more words

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