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Are you trying to tell me my research stinks?

Skunks happen for a reason. I’m convinced of that now.

In February, my family was left reeling from the noxious fumes of a skunk using the area under our deck as a late-night rendezvous location to get her groove on with the boy skunks in the region. 535 more words


A Close Encounter of the Wildlife Kind

How do get a jar off a skunk’s head?

Yes, that’s right. Very, very carefully.

I looked out the window yesterday morning at about 6:30 and saw a skunk in the yard. 557 more words

At Home In Upstate New York

Spring Weather Also Means Return Of Skunk Season

CHICAGO (CBS) — The smells of rain and fresh grass aren’t the only signs of spring. The strong aroma of skunk is frequently in the air. 181 more words


Back Yard Critters

Sorry I’ve been away for a while.  Busy packing.  As I’m getting ready to move across the country I realized my photo topics will change to things like horses, cows, pigs & so many other things found in Big Sky country.   1,301 more words


Skunk Removal and Toronto ON

Are you struggling with skunks in your property and don’t know what to do…

Ottawa ON in Skunk Removal

If there are anything that you need to know regarding skunks is that they are…

Pet skunks Micky and Katy try to write their own story....1939

Continuing with this week’s preoccupation, here’s a strange photo I picked up on eBay after I had purchased the booklet I discussed in the previous post.  103 more words