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The Prince of the Skunks

Withered and wicked was the prince of the skunks

God damn his reputation in the pubs of the drunks

They knew him locally as the holder of the bar… 176 more words


Reading the Signs

In his cage, the young skunk lowered his head and stamped his front feet. “Tap-tap; tap-tap.” Then, he lunged forward, tail in the air, stopping less than a foot from my face. 1,142 more words


Until you can love you

I must have written this very close to the beginning of 1999, my now wife, who is Transsexual , as am I had just, two years prior to this, completed her series of surgeries and was 100% legally female + new birth certificate with bells on – yet had lost her confidence. 338 more words


The skunks were here again...

They toddled in, one after the other, around three.