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Lying Skunk

One thing that I really can’t tolerate is lying.  Not even little white lies.   Those little white lies can easily turn into something much worse.  But what’s worse is when you just LIE…FLAT OUT LIE. 444 more words



(My story is not Christmas-y in the least. If you’re oozing Christmas spirit today, you may want to pass me by. For the other 98% of you, maybe my tale is just what you need to hear.) 622 more words


The Smell of Murder at Midnight

Word Press Daily Prompt: Pungent

Account taken from my Journal, May 16, 2013

Have you perhaps driven through a town with a pulp and paper mill spewing out sulfurous fumes? 787 more words


Boring, Oregon, Ain't So Boring.

K’den.  Here in the wilds of Damascus and Boring, Oregon, we see lots of critters.  Some are like this one, my neighbor, Vaquero. 329 more words

Da Kine: Sometimes Full-on Pidgin

Technically This Is Not A Skunk

In fact, this is known to senior colorists and hairhoppers as a “White Cap.”

No, yes?

Skin a Skunk Without the Odor [VIDEO]

If you’re a trapper, chances are you’ll catch a skunk from time to time. Instead of being upset that you caught a skunk, why not cash in on the catch? 50 more words


My Life With Animals: A Sweet Affair

As we drove home with our newest ball of fur curled up in my lap, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.  We had waited a long time for her–six years to be exact!  789 more words

Turtle Bay Exploration Park