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Cues of Napalm

A circle of dim lit ashes thrown away at paces left over by a fox
away the repair from the last night
and in a say to hold tonight’s role. 226 more words


Why does McDonald's hate Canadian skunks?


NEWS 06/28/2017 16:50 EDT | Updated 06/28/2017 17:36 EDT
Canadian Skunks Can’t Stop Getting Stuck In McFlurry Cups
File this under ‘weirdly specific.’
By Michelle Butterfield… 333 more words

It Happened In Canada

What’s Black and White and Seen All Over Campus?


By: Lisa Viviani Goris

Something stinks on campus lately, and it’s not just the backed-up traffic on the loop road.

Black and white striped, furry, creatures have been spotted on campus. 776 more words


I Smell Creativity in the Air


Advertisements are everywhere. They want us to buy this product or that. We see them in magazines on T.V. and other media formats. Some are clever and some are boring. 988 more words


Thkunks, Parades, and Power Rangers

Thkunks, Parades, and Power Rangers
(or, A Day in the Life of a Church Van Driver)

We roll into our first stop, a trailer park. My husband, Mark, slows the van down at Jarrod and Josh’s trailer. 1,149 more words