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August Council meeting rap up - Free Press

August 8 city council meeting highlights:
Gilfix learns there’s little the city can do
about pesky, yard-squatting wildlife

by Isaac Olson – Free Press

At the start of the August 8 Côte St. 584 more words

News Clip

Meet Your New Neighbors, Chicago -- Skunks

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’ve spotted skunks in Chicago, you might want to get used to them, even if you do want to keep your distance. 344 more words


The Science Behind the Stink

What do you call a skunk that flies?
A smell-i-copter!

I’m a science nerd.  So after our little white dog (I say little, she’s actually 60 pounds, ha!) tangled with a skunk and lost, I became interested in the chemistry behind skunk spray and the miracle deskunking mixture in which we bathed the smelly culprit. 455 more words

Whatever You Do, Don't Threaten Them

The real question is why the FUCK did you not book it as soon as you saw them?

Via Tastefully Offensive

Returning home to a skunk problem

We are settling back into our home life with the dogs, but our backyard seems to have acquired a very unwelcome new resident: a skunk. 137 more words

What I've Learned

So our dogs got sprayed by a skunk... again.

Our three babies decided to introduce themselves to the neighborhood skunk. On the last day of my vacation. At 9:30 at night. They all got baths. 210 more words