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Late night visitors

Got to see a little raccoon looking for snacks on the fence line tonight. Actually, what I heard was crunching in the dark and then saw two spooky little reflectors that gave away the masked bandit’s location. 165 more words

City Creatures Book Released: Read My Essay on Skunks!

I’m delighted that a project I’ve been lucky to be a part of for the past few years has finally come to fruition! City Creatures (University of Chicago Press) is a collection of essays, stories, poems, art, and wonderful thoughts about nature and Chicago, and the multiple species that inhabit it. 203 more words

The Real Reason Life Is Rough

It’s 10 AM. I’ve had two cups of coffee but am dreaming of something stronger. I’m not even a drinker. I also can’t stop thinking about bedtime. 777 more words

Down Syndrome



“THat’s IT!!!!!”Trista had had ENOUGH OF AUCKMED AND NED AND THAT DAMN SKUNK!!!!!! She picked up Auckmed. Soaked in beer from Ned, his toilet paper wrapping was quickly dissolving. 1,752 more words


Skunk Security System

I know in my heart there are only a handful of 100 degree days left, but someone please tell my spirit! I arrive at school so cheery, but after an hour of standing on the playground between noon and 1 each day, I am slick with sweat, my feet are covered in sand and dirt, and am so overheated I find myself daydreaming of lounging on a silk-covered chaise while handsome shirtless men feed me cold grapes and fan me with white ostrich feathers. 586 more words

Skunks were here

Skunks dig holes looking for insects. This area had a tree. The stump was ground three years ago. 8 more words

You Little Stinker

I just finished this today on 8 1/2 by 11 inch, 140lb paper, my newest watercolor painting of a baby skunk among pansies, I wasn’t quite sure what to call it but when seeing this all I could think of is the phrase “You Little Stinker.” 55 more words

Watercolor Paintings