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The moon is eclipsed by power lines. A city may be illuminated by artificial light made possible by electricity, but moonlight remains the most significant and profoundly captivating.

Photo by I.R. Arenas


June skies...

…Looking up this month

Saturn reaches opposition on the 3rd June, making it appear slightly larger, hence a good time to view, the Seeliger effect means the rings are particularly bright, you can find Saturn low down in the south, late in the evening. 167 more words



To the best of my knowledge there is not an illicit still on Tiree, rather this is an account of the night of the full moon. 221 more words

"Life On Tiree"

Patrick Moore

PATRICK MOORE (1923 – 2012)

British Astronomer

Moore was one of the most well-known astronomers of the 20th Century, popularising the science from the 1950s via television and radio shows, and numerous books. 30 more words

Business Card

Aurora borealis

A couple of weeks ago my very good friend from Thessaloniki, Agni, returned from a trip to Finland and sent me these pictures of the Northen Lights, or to give it its correct scientific name, the… 225 more words


Starry, starry nights

This is a picture of what you might be missing at night – and not even notice: the glorious night sky filled with stars and other constellations. 252 more words