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The Wilco File, Part 2

In Part 1 of our examination of Wilco’s discography, we began with a look at the origins of the band and finished with an analysis of their biggest commercial success.   695 more words


Nothing but 'Sky Blue Sky': Rediscovering The Album

I have started listening to music in a whole new way because I have changed my car.

I finally sold the old lovable Chrysler rust bucket. 1,079 more words

Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

When this album came out, Pitchfork sort of dismissively described it as “dad rock” while also complaining that Wilco’s most experimental lineup had been wasted. I found that all a bit ridiculous since Wilco was never really that experimental. 59 more words

The 21 Best Albums from the 21st Century

Last week, GQ released an article called, “The 21 Best Albums from the 21st Century Every Man Should Hear,” and I thought it was such an excellent list with some great choices. 270 more words


Sky Blue Sky On the Local N

It was two homeless guys I called to tell Dale about.

I was at the 42nd street stop at about three thirty in the morning, the creepiest time to be at that stop. 1,389 more words


Sky Blue Sky: I'd Rather Hang out with Wilco Instead of Jared Any Day.

I was looking for a lunch spot and remember stumbling across Sky Blue Sky in my travels.  All I knew is that they supposedly had good sandwiches and made an appearance on You Gotta Eat Here.   636 more words