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This Chinese fishing village was supposed to be the world's tallest skyscraper

The Chinese city of Changsha was supposed to be home to a glassy 838-meter skyscraper—what would have been the world’s tallest building—by now. Instead, the empty construction site is being used by villagers to grow watermelons, dry grain, and fish in its nearby waters, according to… 248 more words

Route 66 Day 14 - Holbrook to Albuquerque

May 7, 2015

Our original goal for the day was Grants, NM; but since we left Holbrook so early we got to Grants around noon. Grants is a very small crossroads so we thought we could get to Albuquerque even with a stop at the Acoma Sky City Pueblo. 1,113 more words

Route 66

Juniors are excited to MEET OUR MYSTIC - Elsa Brown

As all of our members get ready for the start of our 2015 season some of our youngest players are bubbling with excitement….. because Bay of Islands Netball Centre is excited to invite all members aged 3-19years of age to come along and hear from our very own Sky City Mystic ‘Elsa Brown’. 96 more words

#15 Do we really need a fancy banquet?

What makes me come here? Money. So more events , I will get more money. It also gives other chances to work here as well. But what I have seen is , people grab a plate with full of foods ,but without treating them well. 391 more words

#14 To move, to work and to find

Start from 5pm in the afternoon. I met Evelynn, a TWese girl who has lived in OZ for 3 years, and only went back to TW for 2 months during her stay in OZ. 178 more words

#13 Should I cut my hair? Didn't expect will have so many rules in OZ!

Ok, today is the 2nd day of working at Sky City. Tired. We have done the setup stuff for 2 days. But can earn much money, about  26 /hr. 137 more words

Sky City at Acoma Pueblo

I was completely unaware of this historic site but soon learned that it is the oldest continuously inhabited community in North American.  Acoma Pueblo is located about 60 miles West of Albuquerque off of Interstate 40.   1,600 more words