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Sunny and light winds.

I think meteorologists have a different definition of ‘sunny’ to me.

Undaily Photo.

Full of peace

I love how empty and full the sky is.


Thunder shook my bedroom floor
The sky was upset 
And likewise so was I
I wish I was as brave as she
For I sit quiet in my demise

simple world

Not quite sure why but there’s something romantic and peaceful in simple things. I sometimes smile like a mad man when the wind embraces me, when the moon shines brightly engulfing the sky, when there’s silence, when in the midst of a dark sky there’s one shining star, when clouds complement the blue sky’s, when old couples smile at each other, when babies think I’m funny, when it rains or when it’s springtime, when people communicate without words, when animals reveal their personalities, when i find something loveable about myself and when I’m alone creating✨

Big Tree, Australia

Wartercolour and Coloured Pencil on Paper    8 x 12 inches    2018


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Social media is great.

Social media tells you what is happening – which of your friend’s are pissed off and which family member has life-changing news to share. 215 more words