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Some people are like stars,
so close yet so far away.

Some people are like the moon,
Shining so bright, but rarely noticed.

Some people are like comets,

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ocean of trouble

some of you are beef. beef. INSUFficient. inSuffieientt . are wrong. no cancel.



I Missed the Warmth

The past week at Georgia Southern University has been beautiful. I never knew how much I could miss sun shine and warmth. I got tired of wearing three jackets, 2 shirts, and 4 pairs of pants every day to just go to class. 169 more words

Various Religions

So often religions have been more concerned with human rules and creeds rather than the real issue of loving one another.  Being brought up in the south, our Church was more concerned with our hairstyles, jewelry, dancing and rock music rather than the plight of the blacks in the south.  77 more words

without a net

For photrablogger’s Mundane Monday #148: clothes hanging.

I was out from work very sick in 2012. I had strep A in lungs and muscles, including throat muscles. 58 more words

Rural Doctor

Minimalism - is Just a Process

I took the photo on my way to work in the morning. It washes my mind every morning.

Looking up the sky is one of my habit I can’t stop. 223 more words


A Colorful House on the Dunes

A vividly painted house against the blue sky with clouds stands out on the Corolla dunes, Outer Banks, North Carolina 6 more words