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Skyfall Review

So I watched Skyfall…

Pending my viewing of Spectre, this is my favourite Daniel Craig Bond film, maybe even my favourite Bond film of all time. 966 more words

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A Gun Owner's Review of 'Spectre'

Rated PG-13, 148 minutes (watched 11/7/15)

One of the (few) downsides of being a gun owner is that you begin see through so many of Hollywood’s tricks and tropes. 1,387 more words

Review: Spectre

The secret of the Bond franchise’s longevity is not just in the fundamentals – the slick spy, beautiful women, grotesque villains and outrageous stunts. It’s how damn reactionary the series is. 1,469 more words

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The Name's Bland, James Bland.

I, like many other avid Bond fans around the world, was in comprehensibly excited for the opening of the next installment of 007 Spectre.

I viewed the film, like many others, on the opening night, and went in, like many others, with high expectations following on from the success of its predecessor Skyfall. 619 more words

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Top 7 reasons why SPECTRE is average while SKYFALL soared

The latest 007 film misses the target—despite having the same ingredients as SKYFALL: great actors, great director, great action scenes.

Here’s why:

7) Biggest fight scene comes in the middle, not the end… 898 more words

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Spectre Review

Guest Post by Anthony Moore

Blogger of StuffGradsLike


I love Daniel Craig. I love James Bond. I love Daniel Craig as James Bond.  522 more words

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Spectre (2015)

Spectre is the twenty-fourth film in the Bond franchise directed Sam Mendez, who also did Skyfall. This is the fourth film with Daniel Craig as James Bond. 497 more words