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Daniel Craig is reportedly ‘done’ with James Bond!!!

It’s starting to look like 007’s famed Walther PPK and the non-stirred martini will be in new hands.

The Daily Mail is reporting Daniel Craig… 212 more words


Someone like you, Adele.

„Verdammt…“, ja, fluchen wird mir eh Nichts bringen, ich weiss… *augenroll* Ich wollte doch nur zwei Tickets für das ADELE-Konzert bestellen, aber die Homepage ist – selbstverständlich – von einer Fans-Herde überrollt worden, die auf „Kriegs“Beute aus ist. 548 more words


A Licence To Print Money

I hated my old job.

Despised it with every fiber of my being.

But, were you to offer me 68 million pounds, I would probably go back to work there and then spend my weekends surrounded by beautiful women in my hot-tub full of money. 271 more words


Daily Mail says Daniel Craig is out as 007

UPDATE (May 19): The BBC reports that “authoritative Bond sources” say Daniel Craig hasn’t made up his mind and no decision is expected soon. CLICK HERE… 356 more words

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We fight for each other,
we fight with each other,
we believe in strength
we believe in Angels,
we fear of devil,
still we search for holy grail, 95 more words



I built walls
I built a kingdom
I built a life

All it took
Was you walking by
To bring my walls
My kingdom
My life
Crumbling down

Review: Spectre (2015)

Spectre (2015)

I am reliably informed that Spectre is a true return to form for die hard Bond fans. I do not consider myself to be in this category, although I have seen them all, but anything pre Dalton becomes a bit mystifying to me; a sort of muddled haze of the days of old. 994 more words

Andrew Mackay