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Bond In Review: The World Is Not Enough

By 1999, Pierce Brosnan had been established in the role of James Bond with two hits, “Goldeneye” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”. While “Goldeneye” took a look at Bond’s place in a cold-war world, and Tomorrow Never Dies was a somewhat more traditional, action-packed Bond film, the next film, “The World Is Not Enough”-named after Bond’s family motto from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”-would attempt to form a fusion of the two, with some mixed results. 1,532 more words

Skyfall - Representations of Gender

PowerPoint for your perusal, dears:


Your mini essay question is:

Discuss the representation of gender in ‘Skyfall’.

Mini essay – introduction, three paragraphs and a conclusion, with specific examples from the film in support.

Due Wednesday 1st March



A controversial item for some, braces can make or break an outfit.

Teenage hipsters matching these with a pair of Doc Martins, are not what we want to see. 178 more words


100 Films @ 10: Great Scenes

Howard Hawks famously said that a good movie was simply “three good scenes and no bad ones”. For today’s list, I’m focusing on examples of the former. 1,311 more words


Bond 25: Why MGM has to get bigger or sell out

For the James Bond film franchise, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is a millstone.

MGM is not big enough to compete with other major studios by itself. Since a 2010 bankruptcy, the home studio of 007 films has needed studio partners to distribute and market Bond movies. 428 more words

James Bond Films

10 photos of stunning Glencoe - filming locations for Harry Potter and Skyfall

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

I recently spent some time in Scotland and went to one of my favourite places in the world, and probably one of the most beautiful film locations in the world. 84 more words



Second-to-last Bond movie to date and I’m really excited, not only because I’ve heard this is a good one but also because this damn project will soon come to a close. 6,528 more words