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Overrated Doesn't Mean Bad

As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I grew up loving really old nostalgic properties and I can’t help but express my love for them. 657 more words

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B011.b Recreation

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Somewhere else…

Three people were sitting in comfortable beanbag chairs in a room with a panorama window, which showed the scenery of a tropic island at noon. 3,412 more words

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SPECTRE concludes filming, MI6 site says

SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond film, concluded principal photography this weekend, according to a story on the MI6 JAMES BOND WEBSITE.

The website said production officially ended on Sunday, July 5, the MI6 site said. 127 more words

James Bond Films

007 veteran crew member talks to James Bond Radio

The Internet series James Bond Radio today debuted a new podcast featuring veteran James Bond crew member Terry Bamber.

Bamber worked on Bond films from The Man With The Golden Gun through Skyfall. 207 more words

James Bond Films

Five Modern Movie Effects You Didn't Realize Were Hand-Built

Everything is CGI in the movies these days, right? Not so much. Computers may rule trailers, but when it comes down to it, many filmmakers prefer to create real effects on the set, handcrafted from the ground up. 373 more words


will stop raining

Generally people relate the rainy weather to romantic atmosphere. They rejoice, with their spirits lifted. Rain to them is a harbinger of pleasure. And also, especially poets are known to be fond of rain. 137 more words