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A Shard of Sun (Book Review)

Hey fellow readers!

I’ve been waiting to review this for what feels like waaay too long.

Introducing Book 3 of the Song of the Summer King chronicles, by Jess Owen. 360 more words

Book Reviews

Song of the Summer King - Caj

I don’t do a lot of fanart – at least I haven’t in the past. But it turns out I very much enjoy creating it. The other night I was sitting at my computer, wondering what I wanted to draw when Caj entered my mind. 145 more words

Sad as Shit, Episode One: Giant effing Robots and Friendship

Sometimes, being an adult sucks. I don’t just mean having lots of responsibilities and having creaky bones. I also mean the increased cognitive abilities. But Kelsey, you ask, isn’t that a good thing? 454 more words


Sunsets and AKs

I’m in love with sunsets. I don’t hardly catch them but when I do it looks amazing! Do you like sunsets? Do you chase them like me? 19 more words

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Shogun

(In case you haven’t heard, Shogun’s new album is tremendous & he was able to answer a couple of questions for ElectronicNightLife. Enjoy!)

1. How was 2014 for DJ Shogun? 541 more words


8 Reviews of Hanukkah Night 4: Transformers Generations Jetfire!!!

On the fourth night of Hanukkah, Starscreamer reviewed for me…Transformers Generations Jetifire! No, this isn’t a 3rd part, nor is it a Macross toy in homage colors, oh no…this is an ACTUAL Hasbro release! 528 more words