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Skyfire Chapter 19: Prepare

When I opened up the file, I found some pretty interesting stuff. The file was less of a singular file, and more of a compressed folder full of almost a terabyte of information. 2,996 more words


Skyfire Chapter 18: Memories

I opened my eyes to see two pairs of eyes above me. Iris was looking at me, along with that cute blonde girl. I was in a bed, and surrounded by girls. 1,667 more words


Stormshot - Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Warrior Class

Well, we have another Autobot flier to go along with Windblade. Stormshot here had the initial running name of Skyfire, which we know to be Jetfire, one of the most sought after Transformers of all time. 401 more words


[G1] Misconstruction 06

Hours later, and Sunstreaker was still sulking.

Sideswipe had hoped the battle would prove to be enough of a distraction. Frag, he could’ve used the distraction himself. 2,213 more words


Skyfire Chapter 17: Fall

I stepped out of the pod to a surprisingly warm greeting from Iris and Lake, and May pouting in the corner. She had wanted to go in my place, but Walter had turned her down, so she was understandably upset. 3,739 more words


Blood Orange Sunrise

In the winter months, sunrises tend to be muted and if you’re lucky some pastel colors might shine through. I keep hoping for a stunningly colorful sunrise, but they have been elusive for some time now. 286 more words


Skyfire Chapter 16: Package

Walter banged on my door while I was on my laptop, and I sprang onto my feet to open it for him. How could I tell it was Walter? 4,541 more words