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Skyfire Part IV

It’s weird how things happen at the same time. It makes them seem significant. I don’t know if it means anything, but I got the idea to try the number on Maxwell’s tag again, with our area code, 415, as we were running back to camp. 478 more words


Skyfire Part III

We found the cave by accident.

So many people on the freeways, the streets, so many accidents from people watching the fireballs instead of the road. 726 more words


A Shard of Sun (Book Review)

Hey fellow readers!

I’ve been waiting to review this for what feels like waaay too long.

Introducing Book 3 of the Song of the Summer King chronicles, by Jess Owen. 360 more words

Book Reviews

Song of the Summer King - Caj

I don’t do a lot of fanart – at least I haven’t in the past. But it turns out I very much enjoy creating it. The other night I was sitting at my computer, wondering what I wanted to draw when Caj entered my mind. 145 more words

Sad as Shit, Episode One: Giant effing Robots and Friendship

Sometimes, being an adult sucks. I don’t just mean having lots of responsibilities and having creaky bones. I also mean the increased cognitive abilities. But Kelsey, you ask, isn’t that a good thing? 454 more words


Sunsets and AKs

I’m in love with sunsets. I don’t hardly catch them but when I do it looks amazing! Do you like sunsets? Do you chase them like me? 19 more words