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Motorcycles as goods transport

Our study on motorcycle taxis revealed most if not all of these “habal-habal” and “Skylab” being used to transport goods as well. These include agricultural products, food, construction materials, fuel, poultry, and others you would not see your typical courier service motorcycles will carry. 119 more words


Habal-habal in Agusan

The initial part of our research on motorcycle taxis has been completed last December 2016. We are currently drafting a paper for submission to an international conference to be held later this year. 235 more words

Public Transport


To ride on with this thing without feeling fear was just a dream until it became a reality. It was indeed challenging for me (as an acrophobic) as my own feet almost touched the ground with a distance of only an inch from the edge of the cliff. 127 more words

Skylab - motorcycle taxi

We are currently doing research on motorcycles and a major part of the research is on motorcycle taxis. Motorcycle taxis are popular in many areas in the Philippines despite national and local government agencies have not sanctioned or legalized their operations. 162 more words

Public Transport

The Skylab 4 Mission

On this day in 1973 the Skylab 4 mission was launched. The mission was the third manned Skylab mission, and brought the final crew to America’s first space station. 36 more words

Punk Rock Scientist

November 16 - asteroid 22 Kalliope

M-type main belt asteroid 22 Kalliope was discovered by John Russell Hind on 16th November 1852. It’s a reasonable size ¬†at about 166 km across, is probably composed mostly of metals and silicates, and has a retrograde motion. 179 more words


Interview with My Grandfather about Working on the Apollo Space Missions

`This is an interview with my maternal grandfather. He worked on the Apollo and Skylab space missions. The interview:

  1. What computer did you use when you worked for IBM?

  2. 606 more words
Apollo Space Missions