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Hacking when it Counts: Much Space Station Hacking Saved Skylab

Thanks to the seminal work of Howard and Hanks et al, the world is intimately familiar with the story behind perhaps the most epic hack of all time, the saving of the crippled Apollo 13 mission. 1,410 more words

Transportation Hacks

Nina's Travel Rule #48: Never Golf on a Dead Goose

So I was asked last night if I’d ever written a book, ’cause apparently MY VOICE SHOULD BE HEARD. I was like, nah, lazy, blah blah, but I do have a blog. 1,011 more words


A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives


I’m very skeptical of the moon footage released to the public but I believe the footage shot in orbit around Earth is legit. I think NASA and other agencies know full well what is on the moon and what the moon may really be and they hide it. 1,115 more words


How to Kill a Satellite — and Why You'd Want to Do It

Odds are you wouldn’t care much if a team of researchers told you they’d mastered a multi-objective optimization problem to create a reliable orbit propagator (with the help of resonant tesseral harmonics, of course. 807 more words


Where the Hell did the Summer go?????

The Summer Concert Season is drawing to a close (sadly), so that can only mean one thing….

TIME FOR SKYLAB. 217 more words

Concert Coverage

Happy 57th Birthday, NASA!

This is from the National Constitution Center. 

Thank God President Eisenhower had the vision to see what space exploration could mean to America.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is such a part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine it not existing. 446 more words

Day 24 - The Nullabor takes its toll

Today would be our last day travelling across the Nullabor.  We had breakfast with the truckies at the road house, skipping breakfast classics like lambs fry, steak and chips and savoury mince for toast and scrambled eggs. 212 more words

GOAT 2015