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Star (The Planets)

Genre: TV Documentary
Broadcaster: Yesterday
Year: 2015 (first broadcast 2011, BBC 2)
Duration: 1 hr
URL: https://learningonscreen.ac.uk/ondemand/index.php/clip/115257

‘The Planets – Star’ is a documentary that discusses the discoveries and scientific theories that led to the understanding of various aspects of the Sun. 692 more words


Sky Kinda Is Falling

Attention People of Earth! It’s like this: remember that 9.4-ton unmanned space station that China launched, oh, way back when? No? Well, it’s going to be crashing into Earth sometime in the next couple of months. 344 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

Astronaut Food: A Brief History Of Space Food Sticks

Space Food Sticks are a living monument to golden years of the Space Age. In the formative years of space travel, food represented a major hurdle for NASA technicians. 367 more words


Shit I find in my closet

Μία φορά κάθε 2-3 χρόνια έχω το χούι να αδειάζω τα ντουλάπια μου για ξεσκόνισμα, καθάρισμα και αέρισμα. Με τα χρόνια έχω συλλέξει μεγάλο όγκο περιοδικών τα οποία, καθότι σμαζούκλος, δεν μου κάνει καρδιά να πετάξω. 85 more words


Star Party

आपण सर्वांनी लहानपणी ध्रुव बाळाची गोष्ट ऐकली असते. तो कसा आकाशात एक तारा बनून अमर रहिला. मी ही ती ऐकली होती. पण त्यामुळे काही मला या आकाशातल्या ताऱ्यांचे विशेष आकर्षण निर्माण झाले नाही.


Skylab Trainer

This Apollo Boilerplate is on display in the Starship Gallery at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Not much is known about this BP.

Nearby, is the Skylab 1G (one gravity) trainer. 14 more words