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Anonymous social networks

Last—and least—are anonymous social networks. While major social networks are making increasing efforts to hold users accountable for their social activity, these sites go the other way and allow users to post content anonymously.  128 more words


Positive effects of Social Media

  • It was a challenge coming up with a title for this blog, as it seems strange to be highlighting the positive effects of using social media, but there are some!
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Importance of Social Media

  • The importance of using social networking sites for marketing. Social networkingsites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have become powerful marketing and communication tools. We believe that using these channels to easily communicate with your customers is an excellent habit.                                                                                                      
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Skype faces fine after refusing to allow eavesdropping

Skype’s looking at a €30,000 ($35,000) fine from a Belgian court that wants to eavesdrop on conversations – something that Microsoft-owned Skype said is 1) technically impossible and 2) shouldn’t apply because the laws are for telecoms, which it isn’t. 393 more words


Identity Theft Is A Crime (If You Do It Right)

Kieran asked if I could help him pick out some new clothes.

In return for his log in details I offered to check out ASOS and save a bunch of clothes to his saved list ready for the all-consuming, oncoming path of Black Friday. 22 more words


Microsoft is developing a special version of Skype for teachers

Skype is a chat application and instant communication, but many people use it for other purposes like video tutorials. Here, Microsoft started developing a special version of the application with tools suitable for teachers, trainers, consultants and anyone who could use Skype to provide services to others. 75 more words


Microsoft loses a lawsuit in Belgium pertaining to Sharing of Skype user data

According to reports Microsoft has lost a law suit in Belgium which required the Redmond Giant to provide access to Skype user data to provide law enforcement in a criminal investigation case. 308 more words