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Asian Connections - Vietnam

People often ask how where I have found educators to connect with. As the network grows, people tend to find me. One such person is… 299 more words

On Technology, Anger Management, and Tea

Pretty catchy title, eh? Sometimes just coming up with an idea for a title is harder than writing an article.

I don’t speak French. Oh, sure—I know a few words, but not enough to claim I understand the entire language. 197 more words



Skype-Everyone knows how this tool works, It’s basically the older version of facetime. But it could be brought back to the spotlight, or at least the classroom. 20 more words

Oh, So Good

2018 Project 365, Day 22: Snow in Japan

Photo #22: January 22

It snowed heavily in some parts of Japan today, and many of my student gems sent me pictures or even went out of their houses to “show me around.”  Of course, this is normal for them during winter, so they were more amused with my reaction. 37 more words

Ghost Hollow Road

Here’s an animated short I made based on a conversation with my sister that I recorded over Skype. Whom I recorded over Skype? That’s not a very good sentence. Anyway… enjoy.


What strategies have you adopted to allow you to travel?

What is your travel strategy  that enables you to travel instead of ‘work’?

When does giving up your existing life to travel become possible?  I do know of people that have done this…. 335 more words

Stubborn or tenacious?

Trying to get a job you love…is hard. I got a Phone call a couple of days ago with some very disappointing news. Yet again, I was the number two choice for a job because of a lack of experience. 287 more words