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Hoping to Skype

I was supposed to Skype with Noodle last Friday, but I told him that I had to wash my hair. Now I feel bad. I miss my Valentine boy. 73 more words

Skype time with my cotton candy

Hi darling. How are you? What you up to?
I applied for a few modelling sites, let’s see what they say :)

I’m skyping with my cotton candy, at the moment!!! 19 more words

All O

Day 101 - January 9th - Wind and whist

Just got back from whist, and feeling rather in need of an early night after all that went on yesterday.

Today felt a little lazy, though I still managed to get four hours of practice done as well as making carrot and lentil soup, and skyping with some friends. 158 more words

Wye The Flute?

Cute Long Distance Relationship Cartoons

I can’t sleep. I miss my guy. I was just searching for long distance love pictures and found these…. and we talked for over an hour before bed tonight… at his expense… he’s currently in a time zone three hours ahead of me so he has to get up just that much earlier! 8 more words