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Marie and Wyll

Marie and Wyll sharing a quiet moment by a waterfall.

Characters and settings (c) 2015 Zenimax Online studios


Skyrim: The Khajiit, The Housecarl, His Wife and Her Lover

What follows is a series of e-mails in chronological sequence.  All of these e-mails are true; only the names have been changed to protect … well, me.  3,129 more words

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Digital Pinnacle | The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist

Digital Desires is a new series on our channel where we discuss features we would like to see in upcoming games or movies. We also ask the gaming community what things they want to see and feature our favourite idea in the video along with a shoutout! 57 more words

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Skyrim: Twilight - Breaking Dawnguard

Sometimes I worry that money can’t buy happiness.

Fortunately, right about then Steam has a sale.

Steam always helpfully e-mails me when games I want go on sale, which is usually ten minutes after I’ve already made another large purchasing decision.  904 more words

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Bar, 500 words, “Sorry, I’m only interested in hot fictional characters.”

this started with a prompts of parade.  i lost the plot and changed it.  also, way too much skyrim

Hissi looked at the man next to her. 508 more words


Why Do People Think There Will Be A Skyrim 2?

Why are game journalist still writing about Skyrim 2? Pete Hines already laid that rumor to rest months ago and people are still asking when Skyrim 2 will come out.  470 more words