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Skyrim is my playdough. (NSFW SCREENIES)

I am addicted to Skyrim mods and think I finally have my game looking as I wish while it is fairly stable. (Odd crash still but rare.)  698 more words


Unboxing - The Skyrim Library, Vol 1: The Histories

Finally! My long-awaited package has arrived. What does the glorious box hold? It holds the newly released addition to the Bethesda Store. The Skyrim Library, Volume 1: The Histories… 148 more words


A card for the Brother

Happy 15th birthday, little brother of mine!
(It hopefully says “Happy Birthday”: I’m not exactly fluent in Dovahzul after-all!) 37 more words


Dear Diary, I Got Married!

So, after a long hiatus due to college (ceramics mostly) and wedding planning. I have returned yet again!

Oh and this happened:

This is ncdogg, 9 more words


LGPAP Skyrim: Dead Friends

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Skyrim Part 38: Dead Friends


Putting the "Lock" Back in Lock & Bolt

Warcraft News

I’ve pretty much been neglecting my warlock for the longest time. After I boosted my shaman, I really began enjoying the hell out of her, and kind of pushed my once-favorite character aside. 804 more words