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Character Dolls

A guildie directed me to http://www.rinmarugames.com, where I made these two pics of my characters. I hope you like them. Do check out the site and have fun with it. 16 more words


Featured Image

Verandis Ravenwatch is my absolute favorite ESO character, and he seems to be popular with others. I found this image on DeviantArt and wanted to share it. 29 more words


Storm's Childe 5 - Great Things

Amelia was still having second thoughts and regrets when they ported to the Falkreath Sanctuary. She had killed innocents before; it was part of the job. 2,470 more words


Cheese and Cabbage for Everyone!

With old Skyrim it was just cheese. But I’ve gotten to know Uncle Sheo a bit more, and I’ve learned he’s particularly fond of cabbage too, apparently. 31 more words


Storm's Childe 4 - A Difficult Contract

Author’s Note: This chapter contains spoilers, not only for the “Mourning Never Comes” quest but also my Selene Stormblade series. I am writing this in the same world as Selene, after Selene’s story has been completed and before Dragonborn: the Legacy begins, and that means that certain out-of-game, off-lore things have happened. 3,633 more words


Screenshots 1/11/17

How about a dip, fully clothes, in the freezing water?

They’ll never find me here.

Who knew the Falmer had a gymnastics team?

I have a nasty habit of pickpocketing snarky guards down to their skivvies (actually, now, they’re totally naked thanks to a body mod). 32 more words


NOTE: This chapter follows the Waking Nightmare quest in Skyrim and contains spoilers.

Amelia made it to Dawnstar just after dinnertime, and as soon as she neared town, she sensed him. 4,163 more words