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Bar, 500 words, “Sorry, I’m only interested in hot fictional characters.”

this started with a prompts of parade.  i lost the plot and changed it.  also, way too much skyrim

Hissi looked at the man next to her. 508 more words


Why Do People Think There Will Be A Skyrim 2?

Why are game journalist still writing about Skyrim 2? Pete Hines already laid that rumor to rest months ago and people are still asking when Skyrim 2 will come out.  470 more words


The Elder Scrolls Series

My first experience of the elder scrolls series was Skyrim and I absolutely loved it. The baron landscapes to wander aimlessly around. Seeing where it led you, coming across quests and hidden treasures along the way; this style of game really appealed to me. 708 more words


Eyes of the Reach

Being Dragonborn was not all the legends said. It really was not.

She wiped the rain from her face, no not just rain. The sting of ice was concealed within the cold droplets that hammered down from the sky. 2,207 more words


Skyrim is my playdough. (NSFW SCREENIES)

I am addicted to Skyrim mods and think I finally have my game looking as I wish while it is fairly stable. (Odd crash still but rare.)  698 more words


Unboxing - The Skyrim Library, Vol 1: The Histories

Finally! My long-awaited package has arrived. What does the glorious box hold? It holds the newly released addition to the Bethesda Store. The Skyrim Library, Volume 1: The Histories… 148 more words