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Skyrim Glitch Fix: Imperial Legion Ending Bug

With Half-Life 2 & its episodes finally finished, I was able to pick Skyrim up again.  I decided to complete the Civil War quests from the Imperial Legion side.  632 more words

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Skyrim Misadventures VI: Silence May Be Golden, But Speaking Lets Me Breathe Fire

Yesterday I finished the main quest for Skyrim.  I originally planned to put it off until later, breaking it up by going through the faction quests, but by that time I was two-thirds the way through so I figured I might as well fulfill my destiny.  1,362 more words

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Skyrim Misadventures V: Radiant AI My...

Y’know, as much as I praise Skyrim, that’s not to say there aren’t problems with the game.  I’ve yet to play a game that didn’t have something that bugged me, no matter how much I liked it.  1,097 more words

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Skyrim Misadventures IV: Why Can't I Ever Have Nice Things?

Over the weekend I finished the Dark Brotherhood storyline.  I’m actually surprised I didn’t finish this storyline first, because the Dark Brotherhood was my favorite part of Oblivion.  2,887 more words

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Skyrim Misadventures III: Among Thieves

I’ve been meaning to write about my experience with the Thieves Guild for some time now, but I just kept putting it off.  But with the hefty time demands of Skyrim & Deus Ex, I was starting to feel bad about having almost no posts, so I decided to get off my lazy butt (so to speak) & start typing.  2,204 more words

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Skyrim Misadventures II: No Rest For The Wicked

For my “weekend” session I had several goals:

  1. Max out my Smithing skill
  2. Complete my Retrieval quest for the Companions
  3. Reach Riften
  4. Join the Thieves Guild…
  5. 1,388 more words
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Skyrim Misadventures I: Double Dragons

After my first week in Skyrim, I’ve decided not to do a daily post, mainly because it would become tedious & uninteresting.  Now that I’ve seen most of the new mechanics of the game, I’ve decided only to post the more interesting adventures of Phedre the Bosmer.  1,008 more words

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