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This Week's Gaming Vids

I started a new (short) series of a playthrough of the CLASSIC 1992 RPG/strategy game Dune, based on the book (and heavily influenced by David Lynch’s movie). 69 more words


Sunday Swatch

Come in and seek some mental shelter from the word with my picks from this week’s writing on games.

This piece outlines the importance of preserving the history of video games and the lengths these historians must go to to do so. 442 more words

Sunday Swatch

Illness and Injury in Videogames

Video games have a tense relationship with human biology. One that revolves around mostly ignoring how they work when knives or arrows or lead are introduced to them. 1,056 more words

The Skyrim Diaries - Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol. 10.

“I have returned to the island for a while. Now that Miraak is gone, this place feels kinda nice. I feel like I can take time exploring it and learning something new. 832 more words


Cheese and Cabbage for Everyone!

With old Skyrim it was just cheese. But I’ve gotten to know Uncle Sheo a bit more, and I’ve learned he’s particularly fond of cabbage too, apparently. 31 more words


Awesome Atronach

Heads up but if you’re not a Dovahkiin, this little glitch may not interest you too much. I recently got back into Skyrim and this time started a new character focused on conjuration and heavy armor. 164 more words