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Elder Scrolls Online - [PS4] Point system help.

Point system help.

I'm very new video games, I know it's hard to believe, however, I'm old.

Anyhow, I'm struggling understand the abbreviations and acronyms via this subreddit. 66 more words

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Youtube Let's Play Skyrim: Part 6

http://youtu.be/gT1OStI0roQ To brighten up your morning, why not check out part 6 of our Skyrim LP :) Hello again and welcome back to part 6 of the Awful Commentary Skyrim Let’s Play. 80 more words

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Elder Scrolls Online - Daggers or Swords?

Daggers or Swords?

Wondering if any of you PC testers out there would have any insight on this. Im trying to figure out if my stamblade is better off dual wielding daggers or swords. 49 more words

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Elder Scrolls Online - [XB1] Maelstrom Arena Lag since TG

Maelstrom Arena Lag since TG

Anybody else find that the lag in MA is absolutely OUT of this world since thieves guild patch has dropped? The lag on rounds 1. 139 more words

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Sands of Time - Official Website

Another very important website is Sands of Time where you can find Tonycubed2 and his team.  The Mod Maidens are proud to be part of this community in addition to… 114 more words

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