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Answers from a most unexpected source

6th of Frostfall, 4E 201

I awoke this morning in only a slightly less foul mood than I’d fallen asleep in, though I was even more determined to make it back to Riverwood as soon as possible. 5,504 more words


So Mysterious!

I do love me some good fan art and this is right up there!

Elspeth commissioned this piece and it came out looking amazing!

The great artist is… 34 more words

The Elder Scrolls

The Antinomies of Gender and Sexuality in Skyrim

I still enjoy playing vanilla Skyrim. Actually, I’ve never even played the DLC, and have only used Steam intermittently so that I’ve missed any chances of getting it on the cheap (I can’t seem to find it at all any more, and I think you can only buy the Legendary Edition, which already includes the DLC but which I haven’t bought). 2,802 more words

Spectacular Fan Art XXXVI: In Articulo Mortis (Patreon/Commission/Gift)

This month’s Patreon comes with a current work-in-progress for the upcoming chapter (though likely part 2 of said chapter). The text here is very rough and rather short, but it seems appropriate. 300 more words


Seems like the whole of Nirn is out to get me lately

5th of Frostfall, 4E 201

The marshland of Hjaalmarch isn’t the most pleasant place in which to wake up. The stench of the place alone was enough to send me spiralling into a coughing fit when I opened my eyes, to say nothing of the heavy mist that cancelled out the warmth of the dwindling fire and made it difficult to breathe. 4,937 more words


The Open World: Part One

Open world games are not only popular, but also widely praised. Why?

I personally think that the open world is a poor, if not terrible, aspect of almost any game it is in, and I will make multiple posts about it. 1,288 more words

Assassin's Creed

Words are hard

Words are hard today (fatigue strikes again… CPAP not helping *at all*). So I’m gonna post a bunch of pictures I’ve been playing with in Photoshop. 256 more words

Just For Fun