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The Darkius Rising- Part 5 (The Take-Over Queen)

Cauldron teleported out of the college, he kept getting a strange feeling in him, telling him to teleport into town, instead of just back to the sanctuary…The farther into the town he came,The more the ominous feeling he had in him, telling him that there was something terrible about to happen…Until suddenly, Cauldron stopped where he stood..!“Something…Isn’t right.” Cauldron said aloud.He stopped and stood, staring out into the distance…When his ears suddenly began to pick up the sound of shouting..!He suddenly found himself sprinting with all haste toward the center of town! 1,085 more words


Abnormal Mapping 24: This is Our Tree, We Know this Tree


     Rikiya surveyed the wreckage of the bridal suite in the love hotel. Crushed statuary and shattered glass spread across the plush carpet in splashes of industrail confetti.

974 more words
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A 'Fus Ro Dah' for my Fellow Female Dovahkiins

“Hey you there! No lolligagging!” Now, my fellow Dovahkiins, we can get down to business.  I have probably spent an unhealthy number of hours on… 1,481 more words


Skyrim: Mod Talk

You may have noticed that my last two posts (4Pt 1 and 4Pt 2) had gorgeous screenshots. Okay you may not have noticed, but I have. 555 more words


Screenshots (DA Inq, Skyrim & Mass Effect)

Just some screenshots of the games I’ve been playing recently (DA: Inq / Mass Effect  / Skyrim)

Dragon Age: Inquisition


only one shot and I’m showing off… I got to the Ragged Flagon, Thieves Guild at level 2 and was pretty proud of myself :P  Ok yes, I forgot to take the screeny at level 2 so I’ll have to make do with the level 3 shot :P… 65 more words

Elder Scrolls