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Skyrim: Welcome to Riverwood

Hadvar leads me to a town called Riverwood and introduces me to a couple there. He makes himself at home and begins babbling about Stormcloaks and dragons again.  397 more words


Skyrim : top 10 des races !

Ce qui est cool, dans les RPG, c’est qu’on crée de A à Z le personnage qu’on va incarner. Qu’on le fasse à sa ressemblance ou au contraire, à l’opposé physique de soi, notre personnage nous est toujours propre, chacun est unique, et personnellement, je n’ai moi-même jamais réussi à faire deux fois le même personnage 😎 Dans The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, les créateurs nous donnent le choix entre différentes races (comme dans tout bon jeu à l’univers fantasy 😉). 3,216 more words


When You Find That One Game You Love

I’m currently working on designing a new video game and talking to a crew at GameStop about where I was going with the project. As I pulled my trusty iPhone to check a message one of the guys noticed my… 317 more words

Video Games

An Elder Scrolls Love Story

I made the mistake of expecting to love Elder Scrolls Online the same way I loved Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Though these two games are part of the same franchise, made by the same people, and they look and play similarly to each other; I fell in love with them in different ways. 585 more words


Inopportune confessions

I couldn’t come up with better captions than these for some reason.

If you have any ideas, put some words in the comment section and I’ll make a post out of them.   21 more words


The Interims

Good afternoon lovelies!

Kind of a blah Tuesday. I’ve been busting my ass all day and I used up all my mojo and I feel like just laying down on the floor and going to sleep. 547 more words

The Workplace


So, I’ve added pages for rules I’m following for Dynami and the mods I’m using as well.

That’s all.