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Valve sells mods for Skyrim

So i read that Valve has started selling Skyrim mods on steam and that this is a legal monetization agreement with Bethesda.  The spirit of modding games has always been to provide free modifications for others in any particular gaming community to make use of and Valve doing this goes against this entire belief.   320 more words

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PH88: Thoughts on The Workshop Sitc.

So what’s the deal with airline peanuts?

Or rather, in this case, the Valve/Steam Workshop situation. For those who are unaware, a few days ago the Steam-Valve team announced the Bloody Brilliant idea for allowing mod authors to charge money for SKYRIM MODS. 1,345 more words


For-Pay Mods: The Good And Bad

Valve and Bethesda’s announcement that they’re letting people charge for mods on Steam has certainly gotten strong reactions. I think a lot of those reactions however miss some of the details of both this change and the environment that already exists on Steam. 911 more words


Steam is NOT Making Money from Monetized Mods, People. Wake up!

There is some massive misinformation circulating about this monetized mods program Steam has just unleashed. People have the misconception that Valve is leeching money from the modders, sapping 75% of the income they garner for downloads of their mods. 95 more words

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Steam: Mods For Sale

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Now that we have that out of the way…

Since everyone and their cat is talking about this, I thought I’d weigh in. 826 more words

Steam Takes the Next Step - Paid Mods

Steam has introduced a pay-model for some game mods in their Workshop area. In my Steam client it currently says ‘Paid items – Under Review’. The only game I’ve seen or read about to have this model is Skyrim, though that’s probably going to be quick to change. 408 more words


Steam Workshop now charges for Mods...Bruh!!!

Nah bro you read right, Steam now wants to charge you the consumer for certain mods that were originally free to begin with. OK lets look at this and see whats up. 182 more words