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Mead mead mead!

Miracle of sound has combined two things I like very much, Skyrim and mead! And because I recently found a “tavern” that will start serving mead in my town I’ll leave this here as celebration! XP


Change of Hearts-part 14

The skies were crisp with the bloom of peace, as Nemius and Lueka sailed through the mystical air that was the new world…Closer and closer to civilization they sailed, their voyage finally drawing to a close,The new land…Was upon them.The two exited off of the boat, and onto dry land, Lueka following behind Nemius, her eyes sparkled with wonder at all of the things that she saw.“Where are we?” Lueka asked.Nemius held a smile that glowed,  390 more words




Follow the adventures of Cali…. You know what? I’m GLAD I decided to switch to the mon/wed/fri schedule again because otherwise the episode that would have uploaded today would have just been HORRIBLE to air on April fool’s day! 60 more words


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is The Worst Racing Game I've Ever Played

I went into this game expecting a pulse-pounding, high speed, throbbing, innovative, foot race simulation game. The live action trailer depicted people running away from a dragon so I thought that’s what it was all about. 729 more words

You Never Should Have Come Here!

Why I’ll Always Keep Playing Skyrim.

“Hey, you! You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush same as us and that thief over there…” 1,248 more words

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Dovahkiin / Dragonborn

Dovahkiin, the dragonborn, from the game Skyrim

Cosplayed by Matty / Fandomily cosplay

Costume by Wee and Matty / Fandomily cosplay

Photography by Rojano photo

Fus ro dah!