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Awakening the Others

He woke his long dead brother and they spoke to one another, perched high above the world below.  Their guttural tongues lashed against the cloudy skies; he would raise the others who were scattered throughout the world.  51 more words

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Are RPGs Getting Smaller With Time?

If you aren’t familiar with the RPG genre, then you must have been living under a rather large rock. Role playing games are generally large scale adventures in which a vast majority of the choices are up to the player. 547 more words

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17th of Last Seed, 4E 201

I finally saved enough money and bought my own farm.

Well, sort of. I won’t be living alone. A couple with the surname Shoal also helped with the payment and will be working the land as well. 76 more words


Why Do We Love Open-World Games?

With this year’s E3 approaching, developers are assembling their biggest and best games to announce, with many open-world designs likely to be showcased. It’s one of the most popular genres out there – but… 464 more words


SKYRIM Belongs to the Nords - An Epic Metal Compilation

My kid started a few weeks ago to play SKYRIM, one of the best videogames ever published on the Earth (and maybe even beyond). I was looking at him playing the game and decided to prepare a compilation with the best epic metal songs of the last few years, so that he can feel the atmospheres of the game even after switching off the console. 15 more words


Of Cat Baths and Accidents

Ugh…If there is one thing I hate about Skyrim, it’s the long quests. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it’s a very open-world. You can go almost wherever you want, and if certain skills are high enough, you can… 327 more words

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The Skyrim Speedway Part 27

Looking for other Skyrim Speedway posts? Part One has links to them all!

Now loose on the delightful getaway island of Solstheim, Orc Orcersson has to battle the insidious mind control power of returned former evil Dragon Priest and current evil Dragonborn, Miraak. 993 more words