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3 Time Video Game Developers Honored Fans who Passed Away

Over the years video games have become a more accepted, and normal medium of entertainment, growing and developing into a community of fans and game designers alike. 762 more words

Video Games

Storm's Childe 2 - The Jester

Amelia descended a set of stone stairs and entered an office. It was furnished with a desk and some bookshelves, fairly unremarkable. A doorway led from the office to a master bedroom. 3,979 more words


Fus Ro Meow!

So  despite the fact that Skyrim has recently been remastered and re-released in all it’s shining glory, I must admit I’ve never played it. I was told I’d enjoy it so I picked up a copy off Steam the other week and I have to admit they were right, I have been playing it… 92 more words

Digital Editing

I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #38

There has been a considerable progress and some regressive scenario this week. The progress has been the amount of time I’ve spent playing Madden 17 (little); the regress was and still is a thumb injury I sustained when fixing my son’s tablet. 591 more words


This Week in Trophies 11-27-2016 – 12-03-2016

This week was a pretty interesting one as I felt like I was super busy, but I also had a lot of time for gaming. I finished one game, started two new games, continued with a few other games. 533 more words


29 Ivarstead

The rest of the journey to Ivarstead went without incident.  I ended up telling Lester how I came to be in Skyrim, of the disaster that was Auridon and he did look quite horrified when he realised what he’d done involving a Thalmor in the hunt for me. 178 more words


28 more bandits

Well there’s nothing like a long protracted fight through a blockade to help thaw a frosty attitude!  I had previously apologised on the road, which  was met indifferently but I kept up a steady stream of chatter and his attitude had finally started to thaw when we came across the “toll road”.  72 more words