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Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 7/5/15



Just running around you run into all sorts of places!

Such a lovely view!

Bet this is so cool in the summer.

Has a bit of a pest problem though. 79 more words

Gloria Oliver

Month In Review [May 2015]

In order of viewing:
1) The Avengers: Age of Ultron – 7/10
78 more words


Behind the Times: The Beginning

Sorry it has been a while. Tis life, right? Anyway, while I do have stuff to talk about in regards to Mario Party (bad and good), but my mind is on other things. 313 more words


A card for the Brother

Happy 15th birthday, little brother of mine!
(It hopefully says “Happy Birthday”: I’m not exactly fluent in Dovahzul after-all!) 37 more words


"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is Amazing!

Do you remember the first time you entered¬†Skyrim, a.k.a. your first gamergasm? Well,¬†Wild Hunt made me gamergasm until I was dehydrated, tried to get up and replenish — but wait… IS THAT ANOTHER WITCHER CONTRACT?!?! 375 more words

Video Games

Strategy Guide Find

So my boyfriend and I went to a local gaming store and ended up finding a couple strategy guides to add to our collection.

The first one we found was Skyrim for $14.99. 185 more words



<== ABSCOND ADV$$$$$$$$$$$$D[][][][][][][]nce==>

In today’s Episode, Caliborn hunts down the leader of the Thalmor presence on the island.