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Malaysia's Richest 2018: Fortunes Of Country's High Flyers Skyrocket

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This story is part of Forbes’ coverage of Malaysia’s Richest 2018. See the full coverage here.

Malaysia’s biggest fortunes soared over the past year, and few soared higher than… 609 more words

Money Matters

Gun sales usually skyrocket after mass shootings. But not this time.

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There is a cycle we go through every time there is a high-profile mass shooting: the public calls for gun control, the media covers it, and gun enthusiasts — worried that they won’t be able to buy guns anymore — stock up on more guns. 783 more words


Nvidia Says PC Graphics Card Prices Will Skyrocket Till End Of 2018

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There’s some bad news for anyone wanting to build or upgrade their PC as graphics card prices look set to continue rising for most of 2018, according to Nvidia. 426 more words

Money Matters

Hypnotic Sales Scripts: Skyrocket Desire, Obliterate Resistance and Earn Tons of Money - Kindle edition by George Hutton. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Hypnotic Sales Scripts: Skyrocket Desire, Obliterate Resistance and Earn Tons of Money

Twenty one fully written nested loop stories. Tell these to you clients and they’ll be begging to buy anything you’ve got. 8 more words

Snapchat shares skyrocket on first earnings beat with revived user growth

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Snapchat is starting to turn things around, boosting its sluggish user growth rate and beating Wall Street’s expectations for the first time with… 401 more words


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In recent times I have reduced and restricted my consumption of milk in my diet and downsized from cappuccino’s to espresso’s. The hit is the same, without the bloating from the milk.   83 more words


Iced tea company rebrands as “Long Blockchain” and stock price triples

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The Long Island Iced Tea Corporation is exactly what it sounds like: a company that sells people bottled iced tea and lemonade. But today the company announced a significant change of strategy that would start with changing its name to “Long Blockchain Corporation.” 231 more words