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Oakland Making Bid For George Lucas Museum

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland is making its bid for the George Lucas Museum.

San Francisco lost out on the museum last summer when George Lucas moved his plans to Chicago, but the Bay Area Council says Oakland is the perfect city for Lucas’ plans. 111 more words


Describe a difficult decision you had to make and explain the consequences

This was one of the questions on an English paper that my teacher gave me for revision, and I was so proud of the answer that I just had to share it. 412 more words

Star Wars doodle..... The Empire Strikes Back

More Star Wars classic poster doodles!  I like doing these, even if every character doesn’t come out the exact way i want them.  Hey kids, don’t do what Uncle Robb does!   8 more words


Did Luke Skywalker use the Dark Side to destroy the Death Star?

A theory that suggests Luke Skywalker used the Dark Side of the Force to guide his proton torpedoes to destroy the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.


Skywalker Sunset

Part 1

Sunset at the Lars homestead on the desert sands of Tatooine. 

Here is the first in what will eventually be a nine part series. 41 more words