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Hey, guys!

So I was at a meeting today that was cut short because we didn’t have any questions. To kind of kill time, someone shared their theory on what is going down in the Star Wars movies. 338 more words

The Big Picture: Raw Material

Hey guys… I’m back with something very special for you.

I hope this leap year is bringing you much success and good vibes…as always it’s a pleasure to be able to share with you once again…. 337 more words

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Painting

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Painting

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Painting

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Painting

Dmnq Art

Painter / Tattoo Artist Philippines

Tattoo Artist Marikina Philippines Metro Manila

Pencil Drawing of Luke Skywalker Attacking the Death Star

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Star Wars drawing. I was watching A New Hope the other day and decided to do a drawing of Luke during the assault on the Death Star. 89 more words


Rey's Parents - My Theory

Well, I am watching Star Wars The Force Awakens and I just blew my own mind! I have come up with a theory to who Rey parents are…well at least her dad. 604 more words

Rey Skywalker?

Since The Force Awakens first came to theaters people have been wondering: is Rey, one of the two new leads, the daughter of Jedi legend Luke Skywalker? 607 more words

Build A Star Wars Lightsaber

Stars Wars memorabilia is a lucrative business reports iHumanMedia.com.  Over the past 15 years Star Wars fans have created their own custom, high-end lightsaber scene, producing some of the most accurate designs ever created. 48 more words