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Guest Post: A Different Take on the Contest Over the Skywalker Lightsaber

Twitter user Chey shared this interesting take on Kylo and Rey’s Force battle over the Skywalker lightsaber in a private chat. Reproduced with her permission. 207 more words

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Disney turns to George Lucas for Star Wars Episode 9

Loki said it best when he snidely told his brother, Thor, “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.” 222 more words
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Star Wars backlash: NO Luke Skywalker in Episode 9? Another huge clue

Boycotts, backlashes and bad alien milking scenes have created a disturbance in the Force like never before.
The Last Jedi has split Star Wars fans and left Lucasfilm and Disney in the unexpected position of have a major part of the core audience threatening boycotts of all future movies. 6 more words


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Skywalker in his favourite sleeping position


Luminous Beings - A Star Wars Theory of Everything

It’s December of 2015, and people are about to have a whole lot of questions. The Force Awakens is being released to the public, ending a ten-year hiatus from Lucasfilm and making true on a decades-long promise from George Lucas that we would see the end of the story he began in 1977. 23,286 more words

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406 | Pass On What You Have Learned

What an incredible composition of the original, prequels, and the sequels.  Break out the tissues.  Be sure to check more of Heroes Fan Productions!