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Good Job I Love Him

Had a friend visiting today. Visit finished I drove her back down to town. I was gone for just over 2 hours and came back to this… 41 more words


Star Wars Theories and Fandom

I have always enjoyed thinking about Star Wars theories. All of the many books, encyclopaedias and comics I have collected in Star Wars (most of them now considered part of the EU) have been bought in a quest for me to know more about that galaxy far far away that has enthralled me so. 614 more words


Maz Kanata: That lightsaber was Luke's, and his Father's before him, now it comes to you...

Maz Kanata, with these words to Rey, is clearly not only passing on a symbolic torch to Rey, but is speaking about a… 317 more words

Science Fiction

I Don't Hate: The Force Awakens... ?

Here’s the thing. Rian Johnson’s (by The Prime, I wish I didn’t share his surname…) hot mess of a movie did however color my view of… 780 more words


#9: Darth Voldemort

In this episode, we discuss fan-favorite villains Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort, we debate who would win in a battle between the two (with some new, unconventional abilities), we ponder the line between animal torture and flirting with queens of Naboo, and we create a nightmarish image of children in Voldemort masks. 41 more words


Guest Post: A Different Take on the Contest Over the Skywalker Lightsaber

Twitter user Chey shared this interesting take on Kylo and Rey’s Force battle over the Skywalker lightsaber in a private chat. Reproduced with her permission. 207 more words

Star Wars

Disney turns to George Lucas for Star Wars Episode 9

Loki said it best when he snidely told his brother, Thor, “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.” 222 more words
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