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Star Wars: Black & White

Stylized Star Wars illustrations by Greg Ruth, combining images to tell character story lines.

Falcon or Fighter?

This Star Wars inspired piece was a very daunting prospect to be honest. The mountains of detail in the millennium falcon was something I looked forward to attempting to master but I never thought I would do it in all honesty. 88 more words

Here's everything we know so far about 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

If you were a die-hard “Star Wars” fan and loved “Force Awakens,” chances are you’re hungry for updates on the next episode in the saga, ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII.” 1,026 more words


Too Many Lightsabers?

One of the more laughable criticisms leveled at George Lucas in the Red Letter Media reviews of the prequels is the alleged over-abundance of lightsabers in the films.  350 more words

PORTRAITS: Alice Herrick- Skywalker

“I was always afraid of heights as a child, and I still am. This is the reason I do this. Because I’m afraid.”

Alice Herrick is afraid of heights, but she doesn’t let that stop her from tight rope walking. 22 more words


Skywalker #4 - Coming home to walls

Sophie was stunned. She was returned from deployment on a submarine for six months, her heart filled with stories to share with her Mom, Stella. But all that waited for her was silent walls, and not the homecoming she expected. 459 more words

Skywalker #3 - A revelation in the rain

Luke aka Skywalker felt content, and wet. The rain, cold and soft, ran down his face and over his chilled face. Not exactly a grin, and not exactly a smile was on his face as he rode his bike along the paved path. 339 more words