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Podcast: Skyward Sword #4

Join us for the latest Podcast of the Link Between Us, where John plays through the Lanayru Mining Facility and Ally debates him on the pronunciation. 54 more words


Zelda Pronunciation Poll: Lanayru

Often times we debate on the pronunciation of names and locations in these games. Right now, we’re debating the pronunciation of “Lanayru.” Help us out by taking the poll below and share you own pronunciation in the comments section.

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Iggy's World: Why I love The Legend of Zelda

When it comes to the world of video games, there is always that one series that solidified our love for this genre of entertainment. For me it all started with the boy with a green hat, and princess who captured my heart. 563 more words


Our First Zelda Podcast: Skyward Sword

Here’s our first Podcast for the blog! We welcome your comments!

Remember, we’re new to this whole podcast thing so feedback is appreciated :-)


4th day of The Legend of Zelda Challenge

Cover imager is by Fishter911 via deviantart

4. Your favorite song?

There are so many fantastic songs to choose from, but I would have to say Ballad of the Goddess. 109 more words


The Link Between Us: Rebooting the Blog

After a long hiatus from our Zelda blog, John and I are rebooting our blog with a more engaging strategy. Initially, John had proposed we play through the Zelda games in the order they were released. 166 more words

A Link Between Us

3rd day of The Legend of Zelda Challenge

3. Your favorite villain

Out of all the villains in these games one really, really impressed me and creeped me out at the same time. I’d have to say Ghirahim. 87 more words