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Things I'm Geeking Out About Right Now

The Legend of Korra: I just finished marathoning the show with my roommates.  We’d all seen Season 1 closer to when it came out, but then none of us had the time to really watch the subsequent seasons.   573 more words

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Skyward Sword – Wrap-Up Post

I found all the heart pieces, I collected all the items and upgrades, I upgraded all the upgrades, and I got all the gratitude crystals. 561 more words

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Skyward Sword – Battle against Demise

Ghirahim takes Zelda back to the past by means of the gate in the Sealed Temple, where he intends to perform some sort of ritual that will channel the divinity of her soul into Demise, giving him the strength to rise once again as the Demon King. 597 more words

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- Continuing a Tradition

At the beginning of our story twelve years ago, my husband and I began dating and realized that we had a lot in common. One thing in particular was our love of the Nintendo game series The Legend of Zelda.  705 more words

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Skyward Sword – Skyloft Silent Realm and Sky Keep

I raced through the end of this game.

Link flies into the Thunderhead, talks to Levias (who is totally the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening), gets the last part of the Song of the Hero, goes back to Skyloft, and plays the song next to one of the lighthouses. 648 more words

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Skyward Sword – Lanayru Gorge

When Link touches down at the entrance of the Lanayru Desert mine, the scholar Goron that he’s been crossing paths with over the course of the game tells him that he’s found a tiny passageway in the tunnels that seems to lead to a new area. 482 more words

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Skyward Sword – Kina and Guld, Batreaux and Kukiel

Cleaning up the Bokoblins from the Eldin Volcano unlocks the final Gratitude Crystal quest.

Kina, the daughter of the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin tavern, needs someone to help her plow the pumpkin patch. 659 more words

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