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The Challenge of Zelda: Lightning round!

I could say that I didn’t have a lot to say on the next 7 or 8 topics, and that’s why I haven’t posted in three days, but that’s a lie. 501 more words

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Video Game Soundtracks FTW

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In other news, the thing I’m kicking myself over right now is the fact that I didn’t back up any of my notes on my phone. 576 more words


Faeries Still Think You Are Stupid

As Laura and I have been enjoying Hyrule Warriors, there is one character on our roster who remains totally unplayed: Fi.  It bothers me to think that instead of more classic bosses from the Zelda series being reimagined like Volga, we have a character slot filled by such an unlikeable and uninteresting character as Fi. 1,092 more words

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The Challenge of Zelda: My least favorite Game

This one is very easy for me. Some games I didn’t/couldn’t finish because they were on loan, or I didn’t have the system, or adult life got in the way, so my opinion on those will not be factored in. 330 more words

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This is the way we love...


Main Media:
The Legend of Zelda (Games & Manga)
Shipping Type:
Canon (Fanon)
Ship Name:
Primary Moments:
Skyward Sword (Game & Manga Prequel) 937 more words

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The Challenge of Zelda: My Favorite Link and Zelda

In a way I have already answered this, because much like who my favorite Link is, my favorite Zelda is also from Hyrule Warriors. So guess where my favorite pairing comes from? 257 more words

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30 Day Zelda Challenge: Hardest Boss

The Imprisoned!!!!!!

I hate that thing with an ever living passion. Hate, hate, hate, hate hate, hate, LOATHE entirely.

There are no words. When that thing came back in Hyrule warriors I wanted to cry. 265 more words

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