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Rain, Sleet, Snow, Rain, Sun!

All in the space of an hour or so

It’s what we call Weather! 😉


Icy sun

When you get up close,

Humble objects can transform.

Is it a sunflower perhaps with icy petals?

Or a frozen sun

Glowing next to the physical one? 44 more words


Light burst

On the way into the office;

A glorious burst of light illuminates the sky.

(Thank goodness for mobile phone cameras!

And apologies in advance if I don’t get round to visiting you – life is still very hectic.) 7 more words


Skywatching | Sky At 0800 Hours

Black beauties sweeping across the sky sunbathing at 8 am.


Skywatching | Sundown At 1800

Sundown at 1800 hours with complete serenity around.