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Second Life wiki: editing locked for now

Crap Mariner has been working on a new Arts wiki page on the SL wiki – on which I’ll have more in a future article – when he contacted me earlier in August to let me know that SL wiki editing had been locked to a limited number of permitted editors / users. 261 more words


Linden Lab announces new Second Life Marketplace Search

On Monday 15th August Linden Lab announced that the new Second Life Marketplace Search went live and the new search comes with a “learning algorithm that will further improve search results with time –  the more it’s used, the better it performs”. 60 more words

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Project Sansar will open “to the world” in January 2017

Ebbe Altberg has confirmed in a recent interview with Donnie SC Lygonis about a week ago that Project Sansar will be open “to the world” in January 2017. 121 more words

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Lab announces new SL Marketplace search now live

Update: August 16th: Merchants have been reporting a number of reported issues with the new search tool. The Lab has set-up a forum thread for general discussions on issues and problems. 379 more words


Lumiya Viewer 3.0.3 Released

On 30th July the Lumiya Viewer was updated to version 3.0.3 with various bug fixes and one new feature that is the ability to move HUDS around the screen by dragging them.  228 more words

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Firestorm Viewer Released

On 8th August Firestorm released a new update viewer ( which brings it up to date with the Linden Lab viewer release 4.0.6 codebase with many long-awaited features and bug fixes. 417 more words

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Press Release: Windlight Magazine Rebrands to Kultivate Magazine

Windlight Magazine Announces Name Change to Kultivate

Windlight Magazine announces its name change to Kultivate Magazine. The name change is part of the rebranding of Windlight to reflect its expansion into other art forms, including music, fashion, and literature. 355 more words

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