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SL12B fireworks show marks the end for live performances

To mark the end of the live performances at SL12B Community Celebration Bewell Ormega put on a huge fireworks show between 11:30pm SLT (28th) to 12am SLT (29th) at the SL12B Stunning Cake Stage. 224 more words

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SL12B Official Music Fest: starts 26th and 27th June 2015

Linden Lab have announced that the SL12B Official Music Fest will be held on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June 2015. There will be live performances from Second Life’s top musicians during this special SL12B concert event. 179 more words

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SL12B opens today at 12pm SLT

The SL12B community celebration kicks off today from 12pm SLT and everyone is welcome to attend. There will be performances, hunts, live Linden talks, birthday events and much more during the week ahead. 123 more words

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Snapshots: Bay City’s Seventh Anniversary

Over 55 avatars attended Bay City’s Seventh Anniversary on Sunday 17th May 2015. The parade was great fun down route 66 and the music concert in the North Channel region was excellent from start to end. 29 more words

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My favourite Bay City photos from the past 7 years

This was my first snapshot of Bay City on the main grid in late December 2008.

This was one of my first snapshots of the Bay City Map. 115 more words

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Highlights: The Basilique Linden Lab inworld meetup

On Thursday 14th May 2015 between 1pm to 2pm SLT Linden Lab hosted a special inworld meetup at the well known Basilique region with the Second Life community. 110 more words

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Bay City's seventh anniversary & historical snapshots from the past


Marianne McCann
Bay City Alliance


Mainland Community Celebrates with Parade, Live Music

BAY CITY, SL (3 May, 2015) – Bay City, the first project of the “Linden Department of Public Works,” is entering it’s 7th year as part of Second Life.

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