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T/R Switching

A quick post from the day’s experiments: the transmit/receive power switching arrangement for my next project. The scheme is very much like that in the… 340 more words

Success and failure, pt. 1 - Motivating a 4-year-old and failing to motivate the same 10-year-old

We’re in the final week of school here.  Parents are taking books from our library home for the last time and we’re separating other stuff into “worth making room for at our house”, “worth keeping but no place to keep”, and “burnables”.  1,535 more words



Oi, eu não sei se vou falar da realidade ou não, mas sei que aqui e meu refúgio então sei lá (para falar a verdade nem eu me entendo direito). 69 more words


To Everything a Season

To everything there is a season. A time to laugh a time to cry. Seasons of elections are not a time to negotiate trade agreements. So, it might be the time to cry as we read… 323 more words


this day in crime history: may 17, 1974

On this date in 1974, six members of the Symbionese Liberation Army were cornered by police in a house in Los Angeles. The police announced their presence via bullhorn. 97 more words

True Crime

Passivization of victimhood in Japanese

The canonical grammatical roles we all learned in JHS and high school don’t capture all the relationships that people can have to events.  “The blob ate Jim” has a clear subject and object with an obvious relationship, but “Jim died on me” is a bit muddier.  406 more words


Gevulde tortellini salade met gebraden kip

Op zoek naar een lekkere pastasalade voor elke tijd van het jaar? Deze tortellini salade was een ‘ik heb niets anders meer in huis’ experiment, die is uitgelopen tot een bijna wekelijkse hap in ons huishouden. 143 more words