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Design it right, Do Math, Check %

Cloud is getting traction. Customer wants to get rid of existing on-premise server, as they see cloud the way forward to manage up-time, upgrades, elasticity and reduce cost. 390 more words


Update on Advocacy Alert to Reposition the State Library Agency and Strengthen Maryland Public Libraries

Good news! The bills passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate in time for the cross-over to the other house. This is a very good sign!  64 more words


What is SLA Rapid Prototyping and Stereo lithography Advantages and Disadvantages

Rapid prototyping is a new technology integrating Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Manufacturing(CAM), Computer Numerical Control (CNC), precision servo drive and new materials. There are a number of technologies used in rapid prototype including… 416 more words


Formlabs retires the Form 1+ printer

Formlabs’ Form 1 Kickstarter project was the first stereo lithography printer that ended up on peoples’ radars. Its successor, the Form 1+, looked identical but had upgraded internals for increased speed and reliability. 221 more words


Right Size First, Then Split

There is a hell of a lot going on in Agile Space on Story Splitting.  On the internet and I hear it in interviews and conversations.   384 more words


Formulaic sequences in EAP and SLA

Formulaic sequences in English for Academic Purposes and Second Language Acquisition: towards the characterisation of lexico-grammatical norms

GERAS 2017

Shona Whyte & Cédric Sarré

This paper discusses a phenomenon often discussed under the umbrella term “formulaic sequences” (FS) and used to refer to chunks, clusters, collocations, idiomatic expressions, multi-word expressions, lexicogrammatical patterns, or processing units in different areas of psycholinguistics, systemic-functional linguistics, second language research and corpus linguistics, to name but these fields. 1,017 more words

Alternative Facts?

Revised data that corrects a “massive” disparity in Canadian softwood lumber shipment volumes to the United States in 2016 could significantly impact countervailing and/or anti-dumping duty cases. 112 more words