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You read it here first: My first professional journal submission!

Professional goal realized! Recently I submitted my first EVER article to a professional journal, The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (IJFLT). For those of you “in the know,” IJFLT is run by (and contributed to) by many of the same folks who find their way to iFLT (the International Foreign on Language Teaching) every year, which is basically the annual MotherShip convention for all things TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input). 59 more words

Presentation: Reading Skills

Out presentation was based on chapter 4 Reading Skills in Alice Walker & Goodith White’s Technology Enhanced Language Learning, and consisted of the following three parts: 180 more words


Ha lottato per 13 anni contro la malattia. La moglie: “Anthony è stato come una palla di fuoco che ha provato tutto nella sua vita”

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3D Printing

I have been busy on many projects lately and did not have time to report anything.

Today, I share the first power on and printing test of my new 3D printer. 146 more words


Second Language Acquisition

Stephen Krashen’s Theory of Second Language Acquisition

Language acquisition does not require extensive use of conscious grammatical rules, and does not require tedious drill.

Acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target language – natural communication – in which speakers are concerned not with the form of their utterances but with the messages they are conveying and understanding.

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We Teach Languages Episode 29: Teaching Vocabulary for Acquisition with Joe Barcroft, Part II

In episode 29, Stacey continues the conversation with Joe Barcroft, a professor and researcher specializing in vocabulary acquisition. His articles appear in journals such as Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Language Learning, The Modern Language Journal, Foreign Language Annals, and others. 160 more words

WTL Podcast Episodes

N is for Nora

In a talk that I do on case studies in second language acquisition, one of the stars of what I call ‘The SLA Hall of Fame’ is Nora. 1,111 more words

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