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Whosoever holds this hammer..........

Finished the print of the Mjolnir hammer for my son. All the ‘metal’ bits were printed with MakerJuice G+. The handle is made from a wooden dowel and wrapped with leather. 89 more words

3d Printing

SLA 3D Printer Project Log 16: Almost Framed...

You can see in the image above that many milestones have been reached since last time:  Projector mount is complete, the Resin Basin has a place to go, and the Stepper Motors know where they ought to be.   108 more words

SLA 3D Printer Project


SKYTOUCH Solutions http://www.skytouch.org, offices in Monmouth County NJ, and Stoughton, MA, has implemented a solution within organizations that are raving about their setup. Throughout the course of the years, it has been a proven design and has put a smile on owners of businesses faces.


SLA Summer Soiree

Last night, Rob had to come and get me from Reading Station because I was a bit tipsy and walking along the river at midnight under, frankly a very creepy bridge wasn’t something I wanted to do alone, and Rob wasn’t going to let me do alone. 1,044 more words



Svenshyttan, donderdag 16 juli 2015

De eerder gezaaide radijsje bleken erg voos te zijn en vandaag heb ik ze allemaal uit de grond gehaald. Misschien te vroeg gezaaid? 155 more words


Healthy fastfood

SLA amsterdam, http://www.ilovesla.com

The idea of take-out food being unhealthy, belongs to a far past. SLA is one of these healthy concepts and the terrific news, is that they deliver their nice salades to your home. 24 more words