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Flakes on the CCTV

Looked numerous to me…

Acquired two inches

That in pinches,

Does for good scenery!

Plows rumble outside, 49 more words

A Caswell Limerick Poem!

Intentional Community #5

A blog reader asked me to comment on the topic of Slackers in your intentional community.

You’re trying to engage your community with purpose and intent for accountability and growth, and you run into slackers. 834 more words

12 Men And Women Confess Their Biggest New Year's Resolution Failures


“After having to squeeze myself into my pants using a crowbar, I decided last New Year’s that I needed to lose 20 pounds. 722 more words

Let Me Be Miserable And Let Your Friends Complain

Column By J1 Reporter Brianna Wessling

It’s a Wednesday morning.

The first half of the school week is over and I’m ready to power through until the end. 416 more words

Online Exclusives

The '90s Soda that Nobody Cared About Until It Was Dead

In The Believer in February, 2014, Michael Schulman wrote about one of the most dramatic and memorable failures in American branding: Coca-Cola’s OK Soda. Marketed to Gen X’ers in 1994, the OK Soda brand died by 1995, though its artifacts live on in collector circles and advertising lore. 255 more words


the Slackers in Ontario!

Its been 2 sonically deelish days of Slackers vibes. Been soaking it all in and still thinking back in shock. Did all that just really happen? 398 more words


The Film Club by David Gilmour

David Gilmour’s occasionally on-point, more often ever-so-slightly smug memoir is best when it focuses on the films he so clearly has a passion for. Gilmour’s rationale is dodgy (he lauds his own decision to let his fifteen-year-old son drop out of high school- but only if the boy watches three films with him a week) and he often comes off as a bit of a self-satisfied chode. 490 more words