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Savages: A Novel by Don Winslow

So recently I raved about The Power of the Dog and The Cartel, both by Don Winslow. As promised, I bought three more novels and read this one first. 323 more words

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Adorno, Slackers and Language Exchange

In both the excerpt from Adorno and the film Slackers, the idea of language as a commodity is explored and how valuable it actually is. Adorno writes “A word is seldom banal on it’s own…the most abominable cliches are combinations words…utterly and completely, for better or for worse, implemented and effected,” (85). 631 more words

Ode to a Group Project

All your purposefully meted flattery
All your self-righteous philanthropy
All of your charm
Your pledge for harmony
All those vows
All that aplomb

All your blustering pomposity… 81 more words

The Business of Busy-ness

Before I went to seminary (the second time), I worked in various financial companies doing all sorts of financial things with investors, traders, and bankers. I worked for large, multinational corporations with vast hierarchies. 1,130 more words

How To Stand Out In Your Comedy Scene

A lot of comedians think that the best way to stand out is to just be funny.  All you have to do is write material, work it out week after week, and someday…you will be able to host!   569 more words


Shelf Control

Today we bring you Shelf Control! by Bookshelf Fantasies where we pick a book that we own but haven’t read to talk about. 593 more words


The Slacker Mandate and the Safety Pin Generation

News flash, kids: Things aren’t free. Things cost money. And “free” things provided to you by the government cost other people’s money.

Donald Trump gets it — somewhat. 680 more words