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Welcome To Slack-Dom!

“Slacking is a full-time job.”

Hi Fellow Slackers!

Welcome to Slack-Dom where being a slack is not something to be frowned at, screw the society I say, and the tiny little voice in your head as well. 195 more words

Boyhood, Richard Linklater (2014)

Childhood memories are like dreams: They reveal a lot about you, but they’re generally of interest only to you, those who love you more than is healthy, and those you pay $200 an hour. 398 more words



Dear loyal blog readers,

Lately I have been a blah-grrr.

As in, I feel too blah to blog.


I blame it on winter.

I’m cold. 586 more words


Going To New York

So, at the end of February, I will be heading to New York for a couple of days to venture in their comedy scene.  I’m not gonna move there.   661 more words


Be The Positive Vibe

People who whine about their lives, weight and money are the same people who do not take advantage of opportunities to make things better. They always have excuses to avoid the chance for them to be better versions of themselves… But they would always have the time and money to buy junk, cigarettes or drink excessively.. 56 more words