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A Whole Box Of CDs

I did my show at my old college.  It was fun.  I was told that we got more people then the other two acts got.  That made me feel good.   433 more words


It’s easy.
Now don’t you ever let me catch you saying “Nobody said it was easy.” to poor ol’ slackers again.


Getting Your Mind Right

This past week has been a weird one for me.  I think this is something that we all go through.  We feel like change is needed or something comes into our lives that make us want to make a change.   637 more words


Guard Pet Peeves...

In every sport/team, there is that one person that hates to practice, or even move. They always find a way of getting out of it, no matter the consequences it has on the team. 202 more words

"Shards" Print Edition: 634 Pages/20 Years = 31.7 Pages Per Year

The paperback edition of Shards is finally available at Amazon, and soon to be available everywhere else. Huzzah! 193 more words


Dabbling Ducks

Here is a pair of mallards, a male and a female, dabbling. The term dabbling refers both to the feeding method of tipping bottoms up to feed in muddy shallow bottoms, and to the ducks who participate in this style of feeding. 250 more words


Welcome To Slack-Dom!

“Slacking is a full-time job.”

Hi Fellow Slackers!

Welcome to Slack-Dom where being a slack is not something to be frowned at, screw the society I say, and the tiny little voice in your head as well. 195 more words