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Title Me Entitled

Somewhere in elementary school suburbia 1965:  “No, that stick figure is unacceptable.  You have not done your best work.  You did not follow directions.  When you place hands and feet on your stick figure then you may turn it back in for a grade.” 491 more words

Dealing with Difficult People by Malcolm E Rockwood

How to Deal with A-holes at Work, at Home and at Life

This book deals with proven strategies. Although it is normal to be bad once in a while, some people are perpetually bad. 915 more words


In Praise Of The Slacker

We all feel like we’re behind.

Behind on our accomplishments, behind pace, behind photoshopped images of success paraded behind the guise of aspiration.

But what if we just… 681 more words

5 Ways To Get Through Finals When You Haven't Done Any Work All Semester

Wouldn’t college be so much more fun if you didn’t have to go to any classes? Stupid teachers with their stupid reading assignments and stupid end of the semester final exams. 894 more words


Do you make a habit in your personal or business life of giving people a second chance? Good for you. Giving second chances makes the world a better place. 664 more words

Pay Attention

Staying On Task

I am a procrastinator.  This is one of the biggest reasons my career has had lulls in it.  I also get really down on myself (probably from the procrastination) and that also leads to times when things that I should have done didn’t get accomplished.   1,120 more words


Buzzard (2015)

Slacker culture is surely alive & well in 2015, but there was something unavoidably ubiquitous about 90s MTV slacker culture. Pretty much the definition of a low-stakes drama, … 387 more words

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