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Slacklining in Jamaica

When we went to Jamaica, we took our slackline with us.

My husband packs light, and had extra room is his carry on, so we added the slackline. 222 more words


Implicit Motor Learning - Experimenting with the dual and multi-task method


I am experimenting using the dual task method of implicit learning, but with a task that I am already familiar with.  I am crossing the length of my 15m slackline while looking straight ahead and counting backwards from 50 or more, alternating between three languages: English, French and Finnish in this way – “fifty, quarante-neuf, neljäkymmentäkahdeksan, forty seven, quarante-six, neljäkymmentäviisi”, and so on.  761 more words

Non-Martial Arts

I don’t know if this harder for the snowcat operators or the slackliner but it’s impressive either way. While on the subject of slackline experts at ski resorts, lets take a second and remember Mickey Wilson and that unbelievable maneuver he pulled at A-Basin to save a life. Dude is a legend.


Walking the Line in the Bekaa Valley

When every single day seems to contain ten distinct — and equally dramatic — news cycles in North America, it’s all too easy to forget that one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time continues to unfold in and around Syria. 394 more words


1 month of Indonesian island life: yoga, surf, and fun :-)

After the hectic life during the world trip, packing our backpacks every other day and continuing the travels, we were looking forward to our almost 4 weeks permanent stay on tiny Indonesian island Nusa Lembongan (south east of Bali). 1,597 more words

Finding balance in an unstable world

In the midst of our chaotic lives, things can often swing out of balance. Many of us have struggled with mental health at one point or another and fluctuations in our attitudes and emotions can often be triggered by random events. 647 more words




I’m a beginner. I’ve slacklined once. I’ve done some research on it. The goal is to communicate the experience, and the proposed benefit, as I hope to do more and understand more about the power behind it! 734 more words