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Just Steppin...

Mens shoes are a big part of his wardrobe as it is for women, it’s the one accessory that sets it all off!  After all from head to toe means just that.   26 more words


For Women Only

Three cheers for women wearing pants and all that signifies!  hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

Watching Hillary Clinton accept the presidential nomination last week made me truly appreciate how times have changed since my youth!   540 more words


July 28, 2016 - Back on Track

I am so glad these conventions are over and I can go back to just listening to the news to see what dumb think the Donald has said each day and what conspiracy people have come up with against Hilary. 1,354 more words

June 11, 2016 -No humor today

The last few days I have been experiencing an eye problem which might be allergy related or something else. Just in one eye but at times the swelling makes the lid hang over the eye and seeing gets a little weird. 431 more words

MN #101 - Bakaboo - Baka Summer Coat - Yakuza & Bakaboo - Ferosh Pants - Dark Blue @ MWFW 2016

Mastersen wearing:
Bakaboo – Baka Summer Coat – Yakuza @ MWFW 2016
Bakaboo – Ferosh Pants – Dark Blue @ MWFW 2016
UNISEX LUSTFUL-Jewelry- ring

May 30, 2016 -so tired....

What a fun weekend – two days of Doors Open Ontario where we had more people pass through on Saturday than Sunday… Met lots of nice folks and enjoyed sharing our school house with them. 574 more words

7 Winter Must-Haves

As we say goodbye to the skies of blue and welcome the skies of grey for the official 2016 Winter season, it’s time to start packing away your Summer clothing. 476 more words