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Wednesday, 08/27/2014: This is a “first” release based upon Slackware 14.1 It’s been a long road back, but here it is. Everythibng has caught up to Slackware (x86 Slackware is a Linux distribution created by Patrick Volkerding in 1993. 199 more words



Created and developed by Dimitris Tzemos, Slackel is a free GNU/Linux distro, derived from a combination of Slackware and Salix (a Slackware derivative). It is available in three flavors: KDE, Openbox, Fluxbox.



Created by Patrick Volkerding, Slackware is a GNU/Linux distro forked from Softlanding Linux System. It is most commonly used as a base for other distros. The distro is geared towards advanced users, and offers a very stable system.


Slacko Puppy Linux

Slacko Puppy Linux is a GNU/Linux operating system built using Woof-CE, derived from Slackware. It is part of the Puppy Linux family of distributions. It is portable, and lightweight (uses JWM).


Prying Eyes and Censorship

For several years now, i’ve been contemplating the use of a VPN service for all my personal internet activities. Ever since the reveal of government surveillance programs released by Edward Snowden, which involves the NSA and GCHQ being involved in illegal wiretapping and dragnet surveillance upon the general public, i realised back then that i should have been using a VPN already. 1,134 more words


What's your favorite Linux Distribution?

Make a comment below and participate in the discussion! Which is your favorite distribution of Linux, and why?

Ubuntu? Linux Mint? SolydXK? Arch? Antergos? Manjaro? Gentoo? 39 more words


Slackware creating directory when adding new user

I’m using slackware 14.2, and i want to create directory public_html in /home/*/ when i create user. I saw there’s a file useradd in /etc/default/, but i don’t know, if this file should be editing. 27 more words