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Run your Slackware system with the latest available kernel - 4.13.2!

NEWS 170914
Kernel 4.13.2-x86_64-exton is my newest Slackware kernel. Kernel 4.13.2 was released by Kernel.org yesterday. (September 13, 2017).

I have compiled a very useful (as I think) … 231 more words


Run your Slackware installation with the latest kernel – 4.13-rc2!

NEWS 170725
Kernel 4.13-rc2-x86_64-exton is my newest Slackware kernel. Kernel 4.13-rc2 was released by Kernel.org on July 23, 2017.

I have compiled a very useful (as I think) … 62 more words


If it ain't broke...

What happened to me today as I was messing around on my system is a perfect example of the wisdom of the old saying. For example… 333 more words


VMware Workstation 12.5.7 on Slackware 14.2 current (kernel 4.9.35)

No patch is needed but one has to rebuild vmmon and vmnet modules:
vmmon module:
# cd /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source
# tar xvf vmmon.tar
# cd vmmon-only…
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Auto-connecting Bluetooth via PulseAudio

NOTE: I think I’ve found a way to make sure this blog has regular postings; to document solutions I’ve discovered, so as not to forget it next time around. 380 more words


My Journey To Slackware

I thought I’d republish here a post I made on Slackware’s forum, so as to preserve this personal valuable content, and not have it lost to the forum’s constant rearranging of topics. 533 more words