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Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest stable kernel – 4.4.1!

I have compiled a very useful (as I think) 64 bit kernel for Slackware Current (14.2) and/or all Slackware derivatives. For example Slax, Zenwalk… 216 more words


Amd hybrid graphics and Linux

Ok, ok, what I’m going to write here is not a “solution” for the problem I had (and maybe you have it you are reading this), but, ey!, it worked and now, I have again a functional laptop. 347 more words

Software And More

Building a New Server

For some time I have wanted to build a dedicated server for my home LAN. For years I have been using my office desktop as both a file server and desktop. 731 more words


Slackware MATE

The MATE desktop is not part of the official stock Slackware. I have been quietly using MATE on Slackware since version 1.8 and am now using 1.12. 252 more words


Updating Operating Systems

Several operating system updates loom on the horizon for me. Part of me always detests the experience of updating. Something always breaks.


Reading change logs and release notes does not solve the problem. 196 more words


Hand Edited Fluxbox Menu for Slackware

Anyone who has used Fluxbox on Slackware (or any distro except maybe Anti-X) knows that the menu sucks and is missing a heck of a lot stuff. 1,127 more words


Slackware GUI Administration

I mentioned that I like the simplicity Slackware provides but Slackware lacks graphical user interface (GUI) admin tools. What is missing?

My definition here of GUI ix X only and excludes anything in a terminal or console. 303 more words