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Paul O' Brien - Lee Harveys

Ten-Midnight got an insight from Paul O’ Brien from the Lee Harveys into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Play: The Lee Harveys – Tell The Truth… 230 more words


32. Gudbuy T’Jane - Slade

As Slade got into their stride their sound got a little harder and the singles came one after another.  I loved them all.  This is just a classic song from my early childhood.

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All Pop, No Star - The Slingbacks

I used to hang out with a girlfriend who had a phenomenal knack for sniffing out great records you’d never heard of. This was back in the days when a town could support 6-10 decent sized record shops and each one was moving so many units the bargain bins were constantly churning over new stuff. 203 more words

Live Review - Giants of Rock, Minehead 26-29 January 2018

Another weekend, another Butlins music festival. Giants of Rock at Minehead has become an absolute must in my musical calendar each January now. With three stages, forty-three bands and many, many clashes it’s obvious you can’t see everything – and I don’t even try. 1,594 more words

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Martin Cowan - The Outcasts

Ten-Midnight got an insight from Martin Cowan, songwriter, and guitarist from The Outcasts, into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Song: The Beatles – I Am The Walrus. 265 more words


21. Coz I Luv You - Slade

I think this was the first song from Slade that I heard.   I loved the beat and the space in this song.  Always reminds me of our living room in Nightingale Road.

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11. Look Wot U Dun - Slade

Slade, like Sweet and T. Rex were behemoths of the ‘70s glam rock scene.  So many of these singles remind me of the times but I have a special fondness for the earlier ones.

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